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There are separate communities in the comic book movie world. We have on one side, the fandom and the other, the general audience (some critics included). From many directors that have helmed a super hero movie project, the men so far, have found backlash from either the general audience or the fans, themselves. E.g Zack Snyder (Man of Steel), Bryan Singer (X-men Days of Future Past) and yes, even Marvel film director Josh Whedon (Age of Ultron). No one's perfect. Neither are any of the films they've made. But the difference is Zach Snyder receives more abuse for his films. It's clear. There's Watchmen, Man of Steel and now Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Each in the 60% range or lower. Yet, all three are 7/10 or higher in IMBD scoring from the fans and general audiences. Even the late Roger Ebert had given Watchmen a 4/4. That says a lot. That says how amazing that film actually was, but it still received 65% in Rotten Tomatoes. No one has to all agree, but I'm glad Ebert saw the authenticity of the soon to be cult classic. Millions still rival behind it. It is one of the best comic adapted movies, they say. And it was directed by Zack Snyder, himself. That's what Snyder does. He gives us the meaning and the feeling of a comic book movie and here's how he'd given it to "us" in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And for those who would like to know how authentic and creative it actually is.

If you haven't seen the film, spoilers are below.

Batman's reasoning:

Warner Bros. cred.
Warner Bros. cred.

From the beginning, we saw Bruce brand a human trafficker and pedophile. The branding nearly guarantees a death sentence for the worst criminals. Which later showed the same criminal dead. After we saw Alfred creating his metal suit. Gearing up already to take on Superman. (This establishes the plot of the movie. Fighting Superman.) From there, Alfred warns that it was suicide, because it was. Bruce didn't have the Kryptonite. He just had metal to protect him for a short while. He attends the fundraiser, has problems with the device before finally regaining it from Diana (Wonder Woman). During this time he has another PTSD moment. Instead, it is actually the future. Then Flash warns him that Lois is the key. That he was right about "him". (I will get to who "him" is in Easter Eggs)

Later, Bruce obtains the Kryptonite. That's when he goes for Superman. Smart move. Bruce didn't have much knowledge until he found out Lex Luthor had a small sample of Kryptonite, which led to Bruce locating the boat, losing the truck carrying it due to Superman's intervention but eventually obtaining it based on the trackers location. He then creates the weapons to take on Superman. After the fight, what saved Superman was Lois stopping Batman, and Superman triggering his PTSD, which was highlighted many times throughout the film. The reason he's brutal now, was because of losing Jason Todd. (To those who don't know, it was the Robin suit hung up and spray painted.) From the opening of younger Bruce, falling and then being lifted by bats. To the grave scene only showing Martha's name before Man-Bat bursts through his father's grave. Hearing that made Batman furious, but it helped him see that Superman was trying to save someone else besides himself. Batman saw and chose to save a life instead. Someone with the name of his mother, who he couldn't save when he was younger. A woman that his father whispers to before dying and the same woman Clark yelled to him.

That redeemed Bruce. He saw humanity in Superman. Even more after he sacrificed himself for Earth. That leads to him saying what he says to Wonder Woman near the end. This scene was intertwined with Batman's visits to Lex Luthor, and not branding him. He wasn't a killer anymore. Even for a terrorist, war criminal and murderer like Luthor.

Superman's reasoning:

Warner Bros. cred.
Warner Bros. cred.

Superman comes in, helping Lois in Africa. Saving her, caused the civilians to believe he was the blame for the deaths. Now from there, we lead into the committed gathered by the Senator. Finch, who has already declined Luthor on getting the Kryptonite. An African woman is there as a witness and Wallace Keefe, an angry now handicapped man who used to work for Bruce Wayne. Before we see that Lex has promised Wallace Keefe that he will get justice for what Superman had "caused" in the Black Zone event. In actuality, he played him and Finch which led to the terrorist attack which also was blamed for Superman. Superman goes into self imposed exile, later seeing his father. (Another hint for those who don't know. It's an ice fortress Superman goes to, to speak with his father, Jor-El. Instead, he speaks with Jonathan Kent), finding that his father made a decision that cost the lives of another families farming stock. Superman learns that being selfish and instead of facing the issue, could lead to more problems/deaths. He returns in time to save Lois, who Batman was warned to be the key. He does, then is sent off with an ultimatum. He tries to convince an angry Batman, but has to fight to get to him. When he's weakened, he yells "Save"Martha". This refers back to what convinced Batman to stop and save his mother. Within this, Bruce also saves his own in his heart. The flash backs gave hints to why he reacted in such ways. He couldn't save his own mother.

Lex Luthor's reasoning:

Warner Bros. cred.
Warner Bros. cred.

He is obviously a paranoid person. Once he found out about Superman, he set off and tried to find more beings like him. That led to him actually finding information about Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. He had already set off to stop them. So he found a way to first take out his self proscribed archenemy, Superman. After that, would leave the rest unfounded. And Doomsday left to kill everything. Even if he was stopped, Lex already had Plan B. set. A greater threat coming to them. Darkseid. Which is where Flash was coming back from to warn Bruce. That's the future he was in. A future Lex would have or still will bring to them. The door's left opened for interpretation of how things will change now that Batman is seeking the others.

Easter Eggs:

  • Now Lois is the key for future references to the Justice League. And if she'd died, their future would have turned out the way it did with the Future Flash. Flash warned that he was right about "him". Him being Superman. In that future, he was dead already. Batman had killed him. If Batman killed Superman, he could still have the chance to kill Doomsday. Except the casualty would have been Lois drowning. He would have gotten the spear and with Wonder Woman's aid, killed Doomsday. When Darkseid comes, from Lex's calling out to him (dingdingding), he would manipulate Superman. In the comics, he does manipulates Superman, hence this movie having the future Bruce saw. Lois and his mother are dead in this future also, for Batman never saved his mother from the thugs. Time ran out by Lex. This would have left Superman reviving (which hints at the end that he does) with no one he loves to fall back on. Leading to him being corrupted.
  • The Parademons are the things aiding the men wearing Superman's logo, in the nightmare. They are from Darkseid, a powerful entity, aiming to take over worlds.
  • "Dingdingdingdingding", said by Lex Luthor refers the mother box of Darkseid. It makes a dinging sound or pinging, in some comics.
  • Cyborg was infused with a mother box in the film. That is what it looks like.
  • The ending shows the painting, meaning Darkseid is the devil that will actually come from the sky. Not Superman. The Omega symbol Batman saw in the Dystopian future also refers to him. And the explosion seen in the distance is Darkseid's terraforming.
  • Flash's appearance from the future also references to Flashpoint Paradox. A comic animated movie. Where he travels back in time and changes things. Which alters his future. Bruce's father and mother are Batman and Joker respectively. Bruce is the one that died. It also refers to Lois dying in the Injustice game.

References to source materail:

  • The monstrous bat creature that bursts from Bruce's father's grave was in reference to Man-Bat. A creature from Batman's comics.
  • Drained Superman in space, refers to zombie Superman in Dark Knight Returns. In some cases, it can relate to Bizarro, due to his appearance.
  • Batman using those quaking gadgets on Superman were from The Dark Knight Returns. Batman had a gun instead. At the beginning of the video.
  • Batman using kryptonite grenades are reference to what Green Arrow used in Dark Knight Returns. At 1:23 in the video of the animated movie.

Batman v Superman was made to satisfy the comic book/animated movie fans. Those who didn't understand the references shouldn't base their opinions on it being too complex. It's not. The majority of it is from the comics and animate films. Find them and you will see. I hope this helped many see what "us" fans of DC see. I'm not here to rate it or tell its flaws again. That's what this article HERE is about. My "critic" review on the critics is HERE too. In the end, Snyder did a great job.

If you didn't understand anything, let me know below.


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