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Why am I writing about a movie that is two years old? That is a great question, I do not know either. But the truth is that I was thinking about The Giver and it's mediocre reviews and I said to myself "I can not take it any longer". That's why I am here to write to you guys why The Giver is an amazing movie despite the critics and why I give it a 10/10.

The Giver is fantastic for many reasons. The first of which goes to the music. The score by Marco Beltrami is the most breathtaking soundtrack I have ever listened to. Next time when you watch the movie, carefully listen to the music. It is smooth yet powerful in ways you can only imagine.

The next best thing is the story. Many critics criticized the movie because of the short running time and felt it could be longer. I feel that the running time fit perfectly with the book. The book is only 240 pages, which is a short book to begin with. Many critics say the book gets "lost in translation". I beg to differ. The movie stays in translation by transferring the themes you felt from the book into the movie. The theme's are shown through the visual storytelling. For example, the movie heavily identifies the theme of sameness through the color scheme, changing the scheme when required, and having a primary black and white scheme to represent sameness, a huge theme in the book, while also in the movie. Another theme of the book is the attempt at a utopia, which causes no freedom. This is clearly represented at the end during (SPOILER!!) the conversation between The Giver and The Chief Elder, where The Chief Elder says "When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong. Every single time". This line represents the theme of freedom in the book and is translated into the movie smoothly.

So if you did not like the movie, watch it again and pay attention to it. If you watch it closely and pay attention to the writing, and the themes it gives off, then I assure you that you will have a better moviegoing experience than you did the first time.


If you did see the movie again and did not like it the first time, how did you like it the second time?


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