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Those poor kids on The Walking Dead. They really don't seem to stand a chance, do they? With the exception of Judith and Carl, who's now been shot two more times in his young life than I will probably ever be shot in mine, Sophia, Sam, Ron, Summer, Mika & Lizzie, Beth, and millions more unnamed kids have met a grisly end on the show.

And now, with Maggie set to (hopefully) bring another baby into the world, well, who knows what will happen.

But I'm not here to talk about those kids. Instead, let's talk about the REAL kids of The Walking Dead...or more specifically, the sons and daughters of the actors!

Matilda & Arthur Clutterbuck

I LOVE that last name! Has such a Muggle or Hobbit ring to it. But I can see why Lincoln might sell better in Hollywood. Andrew Lincoln and wife Gael Anderson (daughter of Jethro Tull vocalist Ian Anderson) have a boy and girl together.

Mingus Lucien Reedus

Norman and supermodel Helena Christensen had a long-term thing from 1998 to 2003, and had Mingus together, born October 13, 1999. They've remained friends and share joint custody of their boy, who has stated interest in becoming a director when he grows up, and bossing his dad around.

Kenric Justin Green II

In January of last year, Sonequa Martin-Green and husband welcomed their new little fella into the world, named after his father. Kenric the First also had a minor role in TWD as Scott. He appeared in the season 6 premiere as an Alexandrian that hangs around with Heath, and has his own tiny (but still impressive) IMDB page!

Bonus fact-
Did you know that Sasha originally auditioned for the role of Michonne, but when she lost it to Danai Gurira, the producers still liked her, so they created the role of Sasha just for her?

Cudlitz twins

Michael and Rachel Cudlitz are parents to 16 year old twin sons! Michael is one of those actors who doesn't seem to want to thrust his family into the spotlight, so the picture I got from this site for his sons may or may not be them. The only thing I'm sure of is something he said in a TV Guide interview, that they like computers; designing games and writing codes. Kids!

Marlowe Masterson

Alanna Masterson and boyfriend Brick Stowell welcomed their daughter Marlowe in November 2015. Marlowe is an addition to an already big acting family, leading into my next...

Bonus fact!
Alanna's half bro's are That 70's Show's Danny Masterson-

Malcom in the Middle's Christopher Masterson-

And Last Man Standing's Jordan Masterson!

Keala Winterhalt

Sarah Wayne Callies and husband Josh Winterhalt, married in 2002, have a 7 year old daughter, Keala. Insert Carl Grimes joke or meme here! Just kidding...I'm sure she's a wonderful mother. Judging from the picture, she looks like it!

SaCha Coleman


This one has a video, and not just a picture! SaCha (pronounced Sasha...hmmmm) is the daughter of Chad Coleman and Sally Stewart, who have been married since June 7, 1999. They have two kids, and I *think* this is a picture of the four of them, mixed up with some other folks-

Melissa McBride

just say no to Dish Network? HELL YES!
just say no to Dish Network? HELL YES!

I got nothin' on her family, but did you know she kissed James Van Der Beek in the season 1 episode of Dawson's Creek, Road Trip??? WHOA.

Here's the scene on YouTube. Because EVERYthing is on YouTube.


Augustus Morgan

Let's end this on a Negan note! The son of Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Augustus was born in March 2010. His parents have been together since 2009, and engaged since 2012.

Lesson learned here? Some of The Walking Dead cast is really REALLY good at keeping their personal lives secret! Good for them, bad for me :)


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