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Aaron Ku Gonzalez

Alright guys, I'm here once again writing after a little bit more than a year out of moviepilot but I'm back! and ready to write again whoo hoo :) Now that this is out of the way I wanted to take this fabulous opportunity to tell fans of superhero movies. I was wrong in judging a movie without giving it a chance sorry guys.

What I do have to say is that BVS was a very satisfying movie. At first I was telling myself 'eh what the hell, I'll give it an opportunity' I was so glad I did because after I finished watching this movie I gave it an 8/10 rating topping my expectations. THE VISUALS, COMPLEXED STORY AND IT'S CHARACTERS were the driven force for me. My wife who literally doesn't care very much about superheroes really enjoyed this film so much that she said 'Baby I don't want Superman to die why?' that my fellow moviepilots is an acceptable satisfying new fan. Now! on to the dark side of things I think that movie critics are smashing this movie because they are not fans of superhero movies and that to me is a total pile of stinking bullshit! Critics are just that Criticizers with no brains to actually understand anything good.

This isn't about what critics think, this whole thing is about bringing characters who are larger than life and for people to be able to identify, relate and look up to. I believe that this sort of art form we call movies especially with superheroes is something that we really need to focus on because it is some sort of hope. At least for me it is. To conclude this article I want to say that BVS was a very good movie no matter what critics say. Thank you Zack Snyder for making this happen you truly are a visionary extraordinaire!


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