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First up, I want to inform you is that this post is solely based on my opinion which clearly means that I was not as happy with the film as I wanted to be and the following are a few corrections I would do to the film if I had the authority

So, Batman Vs Superman just released and it was a mixed bag after all. There are people who hated it and there are those who loved it . I am one of those who is in the middle ground. I liked some aspects, I disliked some and I loved some. There were some things I would have liked to be different and there were some things that were perfect. Hence I would like to share to you what I would have liked in place of the things I felt were unnecessary

And of course,


1. Emphasise more on Superman

Superman for me was one of the most disappointing aspects in this movie. When I say this, I do not mean that Henry Cavill was a bad actor, or is a miscast. No. Cavill is a good actor, its the script and the writing that spoiled his role in the movie.

Snyder tries really hard to make us emotionally connect to Superman but he fails. This follows by a forced death of superman. Since I was not emotionally connected to the character I could not feel any sentiment towards his death. What I would have liked was the movie focusing more on the Bruce and Clark story arcs rather than the Bruce and Lex story arcs. That would have potentially given us some more sentiment towards Superman and his death would have had much more of a meaning.

2. What is Superman's problem with Batman, again?

We knew from the word go why Batman was uneasy with the fact that there was a god amongst humans. With Superman falling short

of ANY character development, I would have liked if Snyder showed more of WHY exactly Superman was against Batman. Just because he was a masked vigilante? I'll tell you how Snyder could've done that:

We all know Batman was a straight up stabbing, neck snapping killer in this movie, which is totally against his usual idea of not killing, and is totally against his character. Nevertheless, if Snyder would have addressed that in the movie by making Superman against Batman because of his method of killing people, I think we would have got more of Batman V Superman, and also we would have perhaps got an answer to WHY exactly Batman kills in this movie.

3. The Cameos

This correction is a fairly minor one, however it has to be addressed. Now, honestly, I am one of those people who didnt exactly enjoy the cameos, except for the Flash's warning to Bruce and his realisation that he screwed up in his time travelling .I think that was pretty cool. However, I feel the others were a bit rushed. Cyborg's looked like it was filmed for a video game, while Jason Mamoa as Aquaman didnt look like a man who is adaptable to underwater. In my opinion, one cameo of Flash from the future would have been sufficient enough to tease us for the future DC projects including the highly anticipated justice league

4. NO DOOMSDAY( or No Death Of Superman)

I think the death of Superman (and his resurrection) is too massive and incoherent to include just in 5 minutes of the movie.

What I would have liked was a whole of the third act being massive showdown of Batman fighting Superman (by massive I mean

way more than what we actually saw) where SUPERMAN eventually is the one who comes out on top despite all the preparation

by Batman. Then Superman would spare Batman's life and show him how killing is not the only way, to which Batman attacks from back and attempts to kill when the "Martha" scene is followed. This is where Batman realises that Superman is a

human after all. Eventually leading to them taking down Lex Luthor and saving Martha. Instead of the shot of the mud shaking on Clark's coffin, the last scene of the movie could've been a minor movement of that egg-like thingy which was formed by Lex from Zod's body. That scene could've easily been like a teaser for Man of Steel 2 or Justice League where Death of Superman could've been more relevant

All in all, these are the only things I would have liked to see differently in the movie. Of course some of you may think that the whole plot was a mess, but my changes are those that are part of the current plot, or ones that make it better.

Since this is my first post I would like to apologise for any grammatical errors, and I would also gladly invite constructive criticism as long as they are polite. Cheers!


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