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Batman V Superman has been in movies for a few days and already critics have been not to fond of the film but that doesn't mean we don't have to like it. It's full of cool things but today we are here to talk about The Top 3 Cameo's of the film and how they Lead into the bigger universe of DC.

3. Cyborg

It's only for a few seconds we get to the half machine/ half machine but it tells us a few things. whilst looking over the video's we get to see an unconscious Cyborg but then a certain box turns ( probably the mother-box ) bring him to life. His dad is the one supervising him while he is unconscious.

2. Aqua man

Played by Jason momoa, we see him ride up from a dark cave with blue eyes towards the camera with his trident.

1. The Flash

Now this isn't my top pick just because he is my favourite character in DC, it's also because he is appears twice, so that makes him appear the most. Now in the first scene he comes out of a portal stating lois is the key to all of it. We can probably assume this is as he is time travelling.

In the second scene we see him stop a robbery, really quickly ( maybe light speed), does this mean he is faster then the t.v version already????

Anyway this ( if you didn't know) is teasing the film justice league along with many other references from the film


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