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The Greatest Gladiator Match In The History Of The World Has Arrived!

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) has released in theaters, and thousands of fans are flocking to the theater to see the long-awaited match between the two DC legends!

Having seen it, there's a lot going on in my mind. If you want to hear my exact thoughts on this movie, you can do so by clicking here and here. For now, I'll just say this: I walked into the theater excited as I could be, and walked out pretty disappointed...

Not to say it was a bad movie, it's certainly not the worst. But unfortunately, Batman v Superman falls short of being a good film due to its poorly-constructed plot, odd editing choices, and its many, MANY plot holes! Sure, every movie has plot holes, but the ones in BvS really have me scratching the back of my head like I'm trying to solver a Riddler challenge! To give you an example, here are 6 plot holes that I found in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

1. Batman's Whole Issue With Superman

So as you might have guessed from the first half of the title, the movie is about Batman and Superman going head to head. Even though the "v" that goes down in the movie is only about 20-25 minutes long, Batman sure doesn't keep it a secret that he absolutely wants to destroy Superman. But...why?

Batman's whole deal with Superman is that he wants to kill him because he's a potential threat, and he could potentially kill people. But here's the thing, Batman is not only a potential killer himself, but he's also an ACTUAL MURDERER!

Say what you will about the Batman during the Knightmare sequence, at least that Batman wasn't as merciless as the real one! In Bruce Wayne's dream, he kills people swiftly with a gun. Batman outside of the Knigtmare sequence kills people too, but in a more explosive way that involves heavy machine fire and absolute zero remorse!

Seriously, if Batman is so hellbent on killing Superman before he hurts someone innocent, why is Batman over here killing tons of unnamed goons?! You might make the argument that Batman is only killing guilty people, and that he has some sort of Punisher style morality.

But Batman is planning to kill Superman, a dude who has only killed one person, a GUILTY Kryptonian by the name of Zod! So really, Batman is killing someone innocent who's only killed guilty people, just like him. As Lex Luthor would frantically say: "That is paradoxical"!

2. Why Are So Many Batman Villains Alive?

While we're on the topic of Batman's oddly conditional killing-rule in BvS, why are so many of Batman's rogues still walking the streets? The Joker is still apparently walking around, causing havoc and hurting people "really, really bad". And yet, you would think that with Batman's tendency to absolutely decimate the guilty, Joker would be on the tip-top of his list!

And it's not just The Joker, who you could argue is just really good at avoiding Batman's cross-hairs, as we've seen in the Suicide Squad trailers, the team is made up of a quite a few Batman villains who should honestly be pushing daises in this universe.

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and even occasionally Katana are all Batman villains. Are you telling me that ALL of them have managed to avoid getting murdered by this vengeful Batman?

That's kind of hard to believe. Maybe Suicide Squad will see Batman taking out a couple of the team members? That'd be super dark, and I don't know if I'm ready to see that! Or maybe Batman just likes to kill unnamed goons? Attention all criminals: if you're going to commit crimes in Gotham, you better give yourself a clever nickname asap!

3. Lex Luthor's Plan...What Was It?


Lex Luthor is the evil mastermind behind this whole film! He's the one who forces Batman and Superman to participate in a death match (even though they didn't need much coaxing to begin with), and he's the one who created the Superman killing machine; Doomsday!

But while Lex did cause our favorite heroes a ton of trouble, what exactly was his plan again? It starts off simple: get the kryptonite from the wrecked Kryptonian ship and use it to forge a weapon to use against Superman and any other Kryptonian invaders.

But then all of his kryptonite gets stolen, and Lex has to update his plan a bit. But honestly, it kind of seems like he downgraded it, in terms of being able to pull it off at least.

After kidnapping Superman's mother, Martha, he forces Supes to go after the Bat, lest his mother be killed. But since Batman and Superman's mothers coincidentally have the same name, that plan fails. But not to worry, Lex has a plan B!

Taking his blood and fusing it with the corpse of General Zod, Lex has created Doomsday! He sics the creature after Bats and Supes, but of course that fails too. Here's the thing though, both of Lex's "genius" plans were actually doomed from the start.

Let's start with plan numero uno. He wants Superman to kill Batman, knowing good and well that only one of them is going to come out of their fight alive. Let's say that Superman did succeed in killing Batman...then what? You've still got a pissed off Superman on the loose, and you kidnapped his mother dude! Do you think making him go off the deep end and having him murder a man is going to lessen the odds of him taking you by the luscious locks and throwing you across Metropolis?!

And what if Batman had won? Sure, he's not a super powerful alien with heat vision, but he is an old and disgruntled vigilante with enough gadgets to torture you for hours before finally ending you in the worst way possible! And then there's Doomsday.

That troll from LOTR I meant.
That troll from LOTR I meant.

It's obvious that Lex not only made Doomsday as a plan B, but he was also likely going to use him against whoever won the big Day vs. Night showdown. Ok, cool, except even if Doomsday does manage to kill the victor of the previous battle, he's almost certainly going to kill Lex and everyone else afterwards!

I know Lex Luthor is cocky, but does he honestly think he can control a mutated Kryptonian Frankenstein who gets stronger every time he's exposed to a huge explosion? No matter who wins in this movie, Lex loses!

4. Doomsday's Creation

Let's stay on the topic of Doomsday, Batman v Superman's second and most powerful villain. Why is he so powerful? I mean, I know he's Doomsday and all, but shouldn't the methods of his creation make him weaker?

See, Lex creates Doomsday by adding a couple drops of his own blood onto the body of a deceased Zod. The Kryptonian ship (which, extra plot hole, has ZERO security) does the rest from there, mixing the Zod/Lex blood cocktail into an abomination (wrong movie)!

So you're telling me that the body of a Kryptonian soldier that's been dead for two years, mixed with the blood of lanky, neurotic Lex Luthor equals this:

Ok...sure, I can live with that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sneeze on the body of a lizard and make Godzilla! (No lizards were harmed or sneezed on in the making of this article).

5. Batman's Vigilante Status

As we all know, the Batman in BvS is much older and more experienced than any Batman we've seen on-screen before. He's been in the vigilante business for 20 years, and as a result, he's seen things!

He's lost comrades (as referenced with the vacant vandalized Robin suit) and his innocence as well. He's also clearly lying about how long he's been fighting crime, because nobody has heard of him until now!

In the movie, Batman is still being called "The Bat" by newspapers, and his string of vigilantism only seems to just now be picking up steam in both Gotham and Metropolis. The cops fear him, and act as if he's some mysterious creature in the night. But as covert and mysterious as Batman is, there's no way he'd be able to operate in Gotham for so long without getting large attention much sooner than 20 years later. This would make sense if it was Batman: Year One, but this is Batman: Year Twenty-Something, and therefore is just odd.

6. Superman Being Framed For Deaths In Africa

One of the plot points (because there are many) in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, is that Superman is being held accountable for his actions during the battle in Metropolis. But it's not just that battle that he's being held accountable for.

Apparently, Supes is also being framed for killing people in Africa whilst rescuing Lois Lane from terrorists. Here's the thing though, there's no way Superman can be framed for this.

We saw the killings in Africa, they were carried out by members of Lex Luthor's gang. True, no one else saw that, and they did see Superman swoop in. But as we clearly saw, the villagers in that African village were killed by bullets and bombs, not exactly Superman's choice of weapon. Are you telling me that the government didn't pick up a single bullet or grenade shrapnel and thought "This is clearly the work of terrorists!"? Or worse, that the whole world actually believes that all-powerful Kryptonian warrior Superman suddenly felt the need to use guns and bombs to kill people, just this once?

To that, I respond with:

Those were the six biggest plot holes I found in Batman v. Superman, but I'm sure there are more! What plot holes have you found watching the movie? And which ones perplex you the most? Sound off in the comments below!

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