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Spoiler alert!

If you have not seen Batman v Superman, I recommend seeing it. Although many critics may state it is not as they expected, the battle between both DC superheroes is just amazing. Ben Affleck's version of Batman is just perfect for the time line that the movie is set on. Superman begins to see what it feels to be human and deal with consequences of doing the "right" thing. Lexus Luther was something fresh, unlike most roles of Lex, the villian, this version of him was play more psychotic which is perfect for fooling superman.

But what stood out in this film was the Flash. The Flash makes his first appearance in what appears to be a nightmare of Bruce Wayne. He appears to Bruce saying things like, " Louis Lane being the key. You were right about him. The stone. I was too soon. Find us!"

Why this is part stands out? Well because of what it may or may not mean. There's two theories that may be real, or both may even be wrong. Nevertheless, here it goes.

Theory one:

The Flash is from the future. Louis Lane is the key because in Injustice: God Among Us, Louis Lane death causes superman to become a God like figure. Where he learns that killing or zombilizing the enemies is much faster. This also proofs the Bruce was right about "him", in this case meaning superman being a threat. The stone remain mystery. I was too soon may be that flash was too soon for a situation which may have been his death. There also a version where flash dies in one version of the league and this causes superman to become God like. Making the justice League a group of dictators not heroes. And of course find us, referring to Bruce bringing the league together.

Theory two:

None of this really meaning anything. If you saw the movie then maybe this version or nightmare may have already been solved in the movie. Louis Lane is the key because she's the one stopping batman from killing superman and is the one who finds "the stone" which is the kryptonitems stone on Batman's spear. The one he made to kill Superman but then threw away and was later recovered by Louis Lane because the only thing to defeat Doomsday. You were right about him, meaning he was right that Lex Luther was behind everything. And find us meaning find the justice League. This could be right if batman had met the flash. But that's not the case, making this theory a bit weak. How can batman see the Flash, who appears in a battle type cameo, if he NEVER even seen or met the flash. Just makes no sensing imagine someone he has never met or seen.

Anyways what do think might be his role? Leave a comment.


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