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If you aren’t already aware, running a zombie train is as fundamental to reaching a high round in zombies, as patience is when playing domination with a bunch of players on your team who totally ignore the objectives and simply go for kills. And for people who are new to the concept of running trains, they can be quite tricky to perform correctly and can become – much like playing domination with a bunch of players on your team who totally ignore the objectives and simply go for kills – quite infuriating when you can’t successfully carry one out.

This guide and I are here to help you. We will provide you with 5 tips to improve your zombie training abilities. Don’t take it as gospel, much like anything in life: everyone develops their own preferred methods and techniques. And of course this guide can’t take training on every map into account either (if it did, we’d be here for a while), because it goes without saying that there are different areas on different maps which are better for running trains. And then, the way you run one can alter depending on where you are running one. It’s all quite specific and we don’t have time to go into that much detail.

But, what we do have time for is to cover 5 basic principles which apply to running trains regardless of which map and which area of a map you are training in, they just apply to running them in general. So use this guide as a base, a base to build on and formulate your own personal strategy from. A strategy so good that before you know it, you’ll go from complete and utter noob to godlike, zombie-training excellence in no time!

In no particular order, let’s go:


Take your time!

When the time calls for it, it can often pay to relax and take your time. Depending on your route, it can sometimes be beneficial to slow down at certain parts of it so that the zombies at the back have time to catch up. Or let’s say you’re running around in a circular motion- and in particular around an object- sometimes if you run too fast the zombies at the back of the pack won’t have time to get around said object, and they will change directions and you’ll end up being sandwiched. And that’s one sandwich that you certainly won’t enjoy being involved in.

Kino has many spots where this tip comes in handy.
Kino has many spots where this tip comes in handy.


Learn to manipulate!

You must learn your craft and if you want your craft to be running perfect trains, then learning to manipulate the zombies and anticipate their movement, is certainly a key aspect. You almost have to gain the ability to foresee the future. Think about where the zombies are going to spawn in and consider whether or not it’s going to affect your current pathway, if you think it might then you have to improvise your route based on this. Of course, thinking all of this through when also focusing on the current zombies – who are already part of your train, is rather difficult and can take some time to master. But keep working at it, people don’t just master their craft overnight, it takes a little dedication.


Unless you have the thunder gun – or something similar – then don’t kill the zombies too quickly.

This one mainly applies to the slightly higher rounds. When the zombies become insanely ridiculous to drop (we’re talking a full clip of a PAP’d weapon here) then it isn’t a smart move to try and kill them too quickly. This is because of the new zombies spawning in, which could potentially end up trapping you if they spawn in an awkward position. And the more zombies you kill, the more will spawn in and the more chance you have of this happening.

Run until you have a full train (maximum amount of zombies have spawned in) and pick them off. Do this and frequently hit the box until you get a more powerful weapon. The reason that I recommend not killing them too quickly until you get a powerful weapon, is because if a zombie does happen to spawn in awkwardly and is going to trap you, then you’ll be able to dig your way out with your wonder weapon. I’d say the best are most certainly the thunder gun and monkey bombs!

The almighty thunder gun!
The almighty thunder gun!


Choose a place to run your trains where there is an off-the-wall gun close-by, better still mid-route!

This for me is up there with the most important of train running essentials. No ammo is never a good thing in zombies, but this horrifying escapade is amplified when you’re on round 30+ with an angry mob of zombies hot on your tail! One way to prevent this from ever happening is to find somewhere close to a decently powerful, point building weapon – an SMG or assault rifle is ideal – and run your train nearby.

Buy the weapon which is next to your chosen location and keep it on you for the rest of the match. This way you won’t find yourself in the aforementioned dreadful situation. If you feel like switching up your guns, there’s no harm in cycling the box to keep swapping out your secondary weapon. Or you could buy mule-kick and do the same but with three guns.


It’s never a good idea to walk backwards and shoot. I repeat: NEVER.

To walk backwards and shoot when running a train, is on the same level of danger as asking your girlfriend if you can go to the pub – you’re going to end up trapped, in one way or another. I’m joking of course… What’s a girlfriend? Is that a killstreak? Anyway…

Yeah, just don’t walk backwards and shoot. Chances are you’re going to get stuck on something and then the horde is going to come bombarding towards you and you’re going to get eaten.

When it’s time to shoot, simply get enough distance between you and the group and then turn – but stand still!!! – and shoot. Then when they catch up, turn and carry on running the train. The only time it is ever acceptable to walk backwards and shoot is if you’re absolutely certain that you aren’t going to block yourself in. If you know your route well enough due to playing it on numerous occasions, then it might be safe to walk backwards and shoot, but even then I would not recommend it…

So there you have it, 5 top tips to running the train. Use these as a starting point from which you can develop your own individual strategies, and pretty soon you'll be running trains like you'd have never imagined, even in your wildest dreams!


Which - out of the following - is your favourite map for running the zombie train?


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