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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the comic film of the year that everyone’s talking about and from what I’ve seen they should be. Zack Snyder has done a fantastic job directing the stories franchise and bringing us into the world of justice with this film. The film not only takes us through the battle between man versus god but also introduces us to characters such as Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and small spoilers of the other justice league characters such as Flash, Aqua man and Cyborg.

After seeing the Superman reboot - Man of Steel and enjoying it I didn’t think I would have anything to worry about except one thing which was will Ben Affleck do a great job as being Batman? Well I can tell you he was perfect, for playing the older Batman for the franchise. For me I still prefer Christian Bale as Batman however for the older Batman Affleck’s done a pretty good job and it just became more believable for me.

As it’s still early days and everyone has different opinions to say about the film below is some of my pros and cons


• Ben Affleck nailed it as playing the older Bruce Wayne/Batman. Henry Cavill is just perfect as Clark Kent he portrays the character very well. He was meant to be Superman.

• Jessie Eisenberg was the perfect psychotic Lex Luthor who very much reminded me of the Joker.

• Gal Gadot had a very small role and she makes a good Wonder Woman.

• I liked how techy savvy Alfred was it was kind of like a human version of Jarvis from Iron Man with all this tech knowledge.

• Doomsday, we all new it was coming and I was very happy to see the monster battling our three heroes.


• I felt like there was more stories being told on Batman’s side than on Superman’s. I mean we got to see an equal part of both sides of the story and of what’s been going on around them. But I felt like I was seeing more Batman than Superman and the other characters. I guess, as he wanted to battle it makes sense for us to see more sides to his story.

• At times I thought there was more story telling and explaining of what’s happened in the film than there was of any action. As it’s the first film of the franchise I can see why they have done that but thought there could have been bits cut out to get to the point.

• I liked the Bat-mobile thought it looked great but I guess I wanted a little more features out of it. Felt really low army style looking like a mini tank. After comparing it with the older franchises i just expected more from it.

• At one point in the film where we see Batman fighting in a desert like environment I was thinking to myself since when does Batman kill people! This just looked very wrong to me and was making me think otherwise about Batman but thankfully it was all a dream. Maybe they should of just left this bit out.

For my conclusion I definitely recommend you go watch Batman v Superman . There is no who's side your on when it comes to comparing DC and Marvel's films together, from what i believe. Their just as good as each other with the different characters they have to tell stories about. I enjoy the presence of both. But if your into the dark comics, then this one's for you.


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