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In the run up to the season 6 finale of AMC's criticality acclaimed zombie fest The Walking Dead, many parallels between the show and graphic novel have already been drawn, but what is this Negan character going to be doing? Because c'mon, the finale has to have a death, right?

The leader of The Saviours is confirmed to be appearing in the season finale and will be portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In a recently deleted Dutch promo for the show, the actor can be seen with his trusty baseball bat clad in barbed-wire at his side.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in some dapper leathers.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in some dapper leathers.

As those who are fans of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel know some major pivotal events that this sociopath will influence. Although the show has some tendencies of deviating from the source material, this not necessarily a bad thing as having a direct and strict adaptation can lead to feeling of seeing the same thing twice!

I would say the biggest influence of Negan would be his devout use of 'Lucille', especially on some beloved characters. In the novel, after being ambushed and captured by The Saviours, Glenn is famously taking a brutal beating until his face is beyond recognition, and finally killed, but will this be the case in the AMC show?

Changes between the material:

In episode 14 of season 6, a major character death was switched out. The fiery and militant Abraham should have been the one to receive a crossbow bolt through the retina as opposed to Denise.

Other, more romance associated differences appear as well. Such as the shipped 'Richonne' never occurred in the comics as the Sheriff becomes romantically involved with Andrea. Another difference there as she is alive in the novels but not the show! Also, Michonne's paper counterpart is tied up with Morgan; or who I like to call, Kendrick Lamar. I'll include some pictures for night time reading....

So, now that it's clear the show isn't afraid to be a little different. Negan may decide to murder another popular character in cold blood. The scare in the prior half of the season left the fanbase on constant edge in regards to the death of Glenn, but now that is resolved will the show runners let him fall to the fate of Lucille!?

Likely Candidates?

I believe that this execution scene will still be incorporated into the finale, the question is who will it contain? I have a couple of picks that I think would prove to be most likely alternatives and interesting ones at that.

Abraham - seeing as the big ginger himself avoided the wrath of the reaper last week, it wouldn't be too surprising to see him take Glenn's place on the chopping block. This would enable the show to simultaneously have a shock factor but also keep the show on its toes for a another death down the line.

Rick - not so much a death scene for Mr. Grimes as that would surely cripple the franchise. More of a close to death beating than a murder. I feel like this would only strengthen Negan as a villian, give Rick a stronger desire and incentive on a personal level to start the war between settlements.

Really anyone could be up for grabs in this character killing roulette, from Carol to Judith, I guess anyone could be knocked off GRRM style this finale! But maybe he could do us all a favour and take Carl's other eye out.

It's going to be a long wait until April 3rd to see the Last Day on Earth.


What Ending for Glenn would you like to see?


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