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In the sake of writing a concise article, I will try not to get too “flowery” and wordy in my descriptions and get right to the meat of the mater. First off let me say that I have been an MP reader for about 8 months now and have never felt more compelled to jump into the realm of MP Contributor than I have now. The reason being is all the negative reviews surrounding BVS. So many people have put this movie on trial and have judged it against factors that are unfair to judge it against. I had the opportunity to watch it twice yesterday and if I get the chance to experience it again in IMAX 3D, I will not balk at a 3rd viewing. I thought it was a great movie, with flaws, although they are not deal breaking flaws. I will advise that there are mild spoilers, I swear I will try to make them things you have seen if you’ve seen trailers and trailer analysis but there are some spoilers.

Typically when I begin to read an article, I want to know one thing immediately. “Why do I need to keep reading?” and the answer to that question typically lies in knowing what the author is going to touch on before I get too invested and decide to hit the back button on my browser. So for those of you who are like me, here’s the outline. I’m basing this off of several negative reviews that I would like to address as well as aspects of the movie that appealed to me and made it a good watch.

• Do not judge BVS against the Dark Knight Trilogy

• Do not judge Zack Snyder’s Superman against any cinematic Superman we’ve ever seen…PERIOD

• View the movie understanding that it must not only tell the BVS story but that it must also ignite the DCCU

• My “Nightmare Batman” Theory- Very Spoilerish…Screw it, stop now if you haven’t seen it.

• What if?

Do not judge BVS against the Dark Knight Trilogy

Easier said than done, yes I know. But here is why you cannot judge it against the Dark Knight Trilogy….Because it is a TRILOGY! A trilogy is defined as the following. “A series or group of three plays, novels, operas, etc., that, although individually complete, are closely related in theme, sequence, or the like.” The Dark Knight is complete, and it took Christopher Nolan all three movies to do so. BVS is the first entry in a Justice League trilogy, the story is only beginning and must have its full arc before it can be thoroughly put on trial. If you want to judge it vs Batman Begins, here’s why you cannot. BVS is not a traditional Batman movie. What made the Dark Knight so awesome was that it was set in a world that the viewer could potentially live in as one of the characters. If you wanted to imagine yourself as Bane, you could be Bane. He’s just a man. If you fancied yourself as the Joker, Commissioner Gordon or even Batman himself, you could do so within the realm of our reality. They are just men. Christopher Nolan’s world is very real, within reason of course. Zack Snyder’s DCCU is not on the same playing field. It requires imagination. This is the first time on screen that our beloved Batman is dropped into a true SUPER hero world. Aliens, goddesses, Doomsday, Kryponite etc. The aforementioned have no place in the Dark Knight, therefore, one cannot compare the movies.

Do not judge Zack Snyder’s Superman against any cinematic Superman we’ve ever seen…PERIOD

One of the more scathing reviews that I read on Superman himself was something to the effect of “Why does Snyder continue to ruin who Superman is and what he stands for?” From what these people are saying, they hate the fact that Superman killed Zod, they hate that Superman has to make hard choices and is not America’s Golden boy like he was in every other cinematic incarnation. There are those out there who want Supes to be depicted as an infallible bag of Lilly White Self-Rising Flour. They don’t want him thrust into OUR dark, gritty world where people are pissed because there is a black storm trooper and Human Torch. They don’t want him to live in OUR world where we threaten to build walls to keep out immigrants and xenophobia runs high. See, that world is not the world Clark Kent grew up in, where he always clearly stands on the side of what the people believe is right. It’s not the mirror we want to see ourselves in. Superman’s integrity, if he did truly exist, would be constantly tested. He’s just a man. Albeit, a man with extraordinary abilities. But he still has temptation, wicked thoughts, and the POTENTIAL to be corrupted, he is not perfect. That’s the 1% chance that Ben Affleck’s Batman is paranoid over. And remember this, just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean that people aren’t out to get you. In a nutshell, those who dislike Snyder’s Superman IMHO do so because at times he reflects who we are as people as opposed to being above us.

View the movie understanding that it must not only tell the BVS story but that it must also ignite the DCCU

Several people that I know personally have said the movie could have been wrapped up in an hour and a half and that it was too long. I say thank you for making the price of the ticket worthwhile. As I mentioned previously, I saw BVS twice. But I paid for 6 tickets. My son and I share a birthday, he wanted as his gift to see it on our birthday, just me and him, in IMAX 3D. That ran me about $30 in ticket cost alone. I then had to take my other son and wife who wanted to see it (3D no IMAX) and of course my birthday boy tagged along to see it twice, and my teenage daughter went on her own with friends. So as a family, we have spent 7 tickets averaging $14 a pop. Do the math. I’m glad it was long. But I do agree that the movie could have been two movies. What if you took just the actual conflict between Batman and Superman, keep Lex Luthor, get rid of Wonder Woman and Doomsday, develop Batman’s backstory as to why he’s so hardcore, and finish up before Doomsday arrives. Then in the second movie you could have the uniting of heroes to stop Doomsday and dive deeper into the recruitment of the other Justice League members and maybe get more than what we got out of the others. (Trying hard to word that last sentence without spoiling) So yes, there was a lot to digest and some aspects got glossed over. Just keep in mind that DC is playing catch up. The movie title is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We get to see Batman V Superman. Then we get to see the Dawn of Justice for the price of one ticket. If it were two movies that ran 75 minutes we’d complain that we didn’t get our money’s worth.

My “Nightmare Batman” Theory- Very Spoilerish..Screw it, stop now if you haven’t seen it.

You made it this far, you can read, you know there could be a spoiler lurking. And yes, I’m about to wrap this up and land the plane. This is the final lap.

I think that Batman’s nightmare in the desert with Darkseid’s Omega symbol on the ground is more than just a dream. I think it might actually be a scene from Justice League. Here’s why. I’m not so sure Batman isn’t actually on Apokolips. Notice the terrain and the matching fire vents coming from inside the planet.

Then the Parademons we already know about. But the most convincing argument for this to be more than just a dream is the appearance of Flash warning Bruce that he was right about “him” that Lois is the key to saving us. I can’t claim credit for the what I’m about to say next, another astute contributor from another site pointed out that Flash may have run back in time from, say Justice League Part 2 to warn Bruce about Superman and that Superman is somehow in allegiance with Darkseid. Maybe death and resurrection has broken Superman. Something happens to Lois that pushes him over the edge. He says as much in Batman’s nightmare “She was my world, and you took her from me.” Superman later says this to Lois before he goes to stop Doomsday. And if I’m not mistaken, he says something similar in the bathtub scene. Remember BVS:DOJ is two movies, it must also set up DOJ. Is it possible that Snyder did just that with the Nightmare scene?

What if?

• What if WB and DC just abandoned the DCCU?

• What if comic movies and TV shows ceased to exist?

• What if all the complaining didn’t create better movies and shows, but instead caused them to be no more?

• What if we all just watched with unbridled enthusiasm like my 11 and 9 year old sons did because they were just jacked up to see comics come to life?

• What if happiness and satisfaction was a mind state influenced by internal factors?

My point is, they don’t have to make these movies. Then what would we watch? I hope I have sparked a conversation, if nothing else.


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