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First off, before I even start the review there will be some spoilers, minor or not, I'm just warning you! So, if you have not seen Batman v Superman, and you want to see it spoiler free, don't read this!

Batman v Superman. Bat v Super. Bat of Gotham v Son of Krypton. In my personal opinion, it's way more realistic and intense than any marvel movie. It was fun, scary, brutal and the best Batman I've seen since the Keaton/Burton films. But, it was centered on... Batman. This is called Batman v Superman, not Wonder Woman fighting Doomsday and not Batman stealing some Kryptonite from Lexy Boy. Some could argue there was balance between the characters, but in all honesty, it was centered around Batman in the beginning, and Womder Woman in the end. Superman was in the middle but had less time than Batman. Because of the uneven balance of screen time, the rating drops from 100 to 95.

The next flaw, is the all-over-the-place plot in the beginning. You jump from Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder in Gotham, to Metropolis during the final battle of Kal El and Zod, the your jumping to Africa, and finally the film really starts. All the plot lines came together midway through the film, but it was kind of confusing at first. This drops the rating to 90.

The third flaw, has all to do with the accelerated friendship, between Batman and Superman. By the time Batman is saving Martha Kent, he thinks he can call Superman his friend. This seemed to... accelerated. Especially at the end, when Bruce says he "failed Superman." It is just to campy, like Adam West's batman. Too accelerated at the end. This drops the rating to 85. The last major flaw, was the use of Man of Steel as a crutch to Batman v Superman. If you haven't seen Man of Steel, it will be silly to you that there's Zod's corpse, an alien spaceship in Metropolis, and the fact that Batman is mad about that. Snyder does show the footage of Man of Steel, but it is never explained. This brings the movie to an 80. With all the little flaws, CGI, some Lex Luther moments, and a couple other things, the film is finally scored at 75. Yes, 7.5, 75%, and 75/100. The film is awsome, and brutal, not for little children, unless they can handle it.

So THANK YOU DC COMICS FOR MAKING A GOOD MOVIE. I hope the ratings are lifted, but you can't go into a DC super hero movie, treating it like a Marvel movie or any other movie for that matter. I look forward to seeing future installments in the series, especially Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the solo Batfleck films.


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