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Lots of mixed feelings and opposing reviews have flooded the internet since the long awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters. And that is the best way to describe the way I feel about the movie, mixed feelings. Rotten tomatoes only gave it a 29% making it the worst ranked batman movie since Batman and Robin, and the worst ranked superman movie since Superman III. That's right, the critics liked Batman Forever better than this.

Enough about the other batman films lets get to the best of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

1. A Fantastic Intro

Similar to how I felt about Man of Steel, the first 5 min of the movie were gold! The Krypton sequence in Man of Steel with Russel crow was the perfect set up. The same is true with Batman v Superman, in 5 minuets they were able to set up the perfect conditions for Batman to DEEPLY hate Superman. It was more than a difference of opinions, it was personal. It was a great start.

2. Lex Luthor

We got a different look at Lex Luthor in this film and Eisenburg nailed it. He was the biggest question mark in my mind for this film. He was the perfect mixture of twisted genius we needed for Lex. In the past I typically laughed at the idea of a man using nothing more than his mind to best superman. But in this movie I was convinced that Lex's mind was was powerful as superman's strength. He is a truly perfect match.

3. Batman

I personally have some issues with Affleck's role as the caped crusader (Like how he clearly doesn't care about killing people anymore, he kills so many people in this movie. oh and weapons.. he uses them all, Knives, guns, more guns, and guns). I was rooting for Ben from the start and some people are very pleased with his performance. And I have to say he is the most hardcore batman we have seen. He holds nothing back and throws down like no body's business. Also I loved watching him use his wits, gadgets, and straight up batman awesomeness to go toe to toe with Superman.

4. Wonder Woman

Anytime a women is put in superhero film I become worried that she will be nothing more than a hot girl in slutty clothes, there only to appease the unbalanced hormones of a teenage boy. I was glad that she was more than that in this film. Don't get me wrong Gal Gadot is beautiful, but she played a vital role in defeating Doomsday. And Batman would be a dead man if it weren't for her. She was also a good foot in the door to get our first look at Cyborg, Aqua Man, and the Flash. Which brings me to my last good quality of the film.

5. Waiting on the justice league.

We have seen directors get excited and introduce too many characters resulting in a tragedy. Some may be disappointed we didn't get to see more of the team, but I think we got just the right amount of the Justice league in this movie. Not to mention a little taste of Darkseid if I am not mistaken?

Unfortunately that is all I have to offer for bests. When I watched this movie I tried to like it. I wanted to look in the face of the naysayers and critics and say, "you are fools and this movies was perfect", but the truth is that it is far from it. Now for the Worst.

1. 2.5 hours long

My initial thoughts and feelings after the film ended where relief that it was finally over. It was SOOO long. And it didn't move quickly at all. Durring the desert fight between batman and the Superman natzies I actually got bored. I don't remember the last time I saw an action film and got bored in the midst of a battle to the death. So that's my first complaint it was SUPER slow and SUPER long.

2. Heaviness

Besides being long it was hard to watch. The scenes didn't seem to flow well and every scene is depressing. You either get Sad Superman, Angry Batman, or twisted and evil Lex. Even the supporting actors were dismal. Alfred isn't the hopeful parent figure in this film that we see in Michael Cain's depiction. No in this film Alfred is more of a nagging parent figure, constantly getting after batman with no suggestion of love for bruce at all. Amy Adams is on the verge of tears in every scene of the movie, superman is constantly getting beat down from the media. Despite his best efforts, and truly good intentions, the world hates him. And Lois hates the world for hating superman.

3. Batman

I have always said that christian bale made for a great Bruce Wayne, but wasn't quite what I wanted for Batman. Affleck is exactly opposite. He is always batman, even when he is Bruce. There is literally one line of the movie that feels like Bruce, the rest of the film you have Batman 24.7. Not to mention after sparing Superman's life he just throws his Kryptonite spear on the ground, and then just leaves it there, EVEN THOUGH they clarified earlier in the film that superman isn't the only Krypton they have to worry about. And of course at the end of the film the only way to kill Doomsday is to stab him in the heart with the kryptonite spear, that batman stupidly left behind. Really Batman? You were genius enough to beat superman, but didn't think to hang onto the kryptonite spear.

4. Climax issues (LOTS of spoilers)

Zack Snyder just was trying to hard. One of the biggest complaints I heard about Man of Steel was how overkill every scene was. Well he didn't fix it for this movie. In fact it is even more so in this film. The soundtrack is the same blaring epic noise through out the whole film. TONE IT DOWN. By the end of the movie I was just exhausted, if every scene feels like it's supposed to blow you away with it's awesomeness by the end you just aren't as impressed with the actual climax. I think that's how I became bored during some of the fight sequences. A perfect example of this is that they have superman fake die twice in the movie. He is nuclear blasted in space and appears to be floating lifeless in space, then suddenly is bright eyed and ready to go! Then later when he is weakened by the kryptonite he uses to kill Doomsday, He is stabbed in the heart and dies. They then continue with a funeral and just try to convince you he is dead, BUT you know full well he isn't dead because earlier he came back from a nuclear blast.

5. No Surprises

As I and many feared, almost every twist and turn the movie took was highlighted in one of the million previews building up to the release of the film. I almost felt like I was re-watching a movie I had seen a few years ago. JJ Abrams advertises his films with perfection. That is what we need more of! I want to become excited for the movie without knowing every detail about it before I go in.

In conclusion if I had just one word to describe this movie it would be, "underwhelming". With so much potential, they just missed the mark. I hope to see this franchise learn from their mistakes. For now I will just have to trust in Marvel and look forward to Civil War.


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