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Apart from Bruce Wayne and his beloved butler Alfred, few have ever ventured into the bowels of Wayne Manor to explore Batman's iconic hideout. Well all of that is about to change thanks to our friends over at Google Maps.

Alongside the release of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), Warner Bros. has teamed up with Google Maps to allow an interactive exploration of the Dark Knight's centre of operations from Bruce Wayne's picturesque lakeside view.

Through the website you can scroll, zoom and poke your nose in every inch of the Caped Crusader's lair. From here you can browse Batman's impressive arsenal, peer over the Batmobile and even gaze at the ominous Joker scrawled Robin suit - something that caused so much controversy/mystery in the trailer.

What could be better than going where no fan has gone before? Well, when you have finished being the nosey neighbour, why not leave your own review? Currently there are 312 reviews of the Batcave, ranging from the good, to the bad, to the downright insane, perhaps Bruce should think about upping his security?

This isn't the first time that a comic universe has been explored via Google Maps; earlier this month you could explore the Alexandria Safe Zone with a Google Maps-eque add-on from The Walking Dead's AMC website.

If you too want to check out Batman's Batcave you can on Google Maps - WARNING we can't be held responsible for any BvS spoilers or wild parties that may take place whilst touring the Batcave. Happy flying Batfans.

What do you think of The Batfleck Batcave? Sound off below.


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