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If you haven't watched BvS till now, be warned. Some serious spoilers lie ahead!

BatmanvSuperman is a type of movie which makes you both love it and hate it for several reasons. From the epic fight scene between Batman and Superman to being forced to see Jesse Eisenberg completely change the character of Lex Luthor. There were a few moments where the audience could just do nothing but just applaud like the dramatic enterance of Wonder Woman. The movie was 10/10 in its action but it lacked a little bit of plot and the new characters which were introduced didn't had their own movies to support them in this movie except of Superman.

There were a few controversial moments in this epic clash between "the greatest gladiators in the history of the world." Such as, Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman is telling Alfred to count those who died in Man of Steel because of Superman being present on Earth and the whole reason for which he goes on to war with Superman is because of the number of deaths but in the movie, he himself kills more than 50 people working under Lex Luthor or just thugs.

After fighting and finally coming to peace both Batman and Superman find out about Lex Luthor creating a monster and that monster is unleashed on Metropolis. Superman and Doomsday fight off against each other while Batman is on his way to Metropolis. In the mean time, the government decides to hit both Superman and Doomsday with a nuclear bomb. They both get hit with the nuclear bomb and that results in Superman being almost killed off and Doomsday becoming more powerful.

The Trinity then gets together and fight against Doomsday. Doomsday is struck by the Kryptonite Spear by Superman while Wonder Woman is holding him. In doing this, Superman is himself exposed to Kryptonite and is himself quite weak. Doomsday using that to advantage drives one of his claws into the heart of the Man of Steel to kill him. The biggest question raised after death of Superman is how will Justice League form when their Leader is dead?

The thing is that I think Zack Snyder did a good job to kill Superman. Imagine this, you're a guy with super-powers and Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman comes to you and say, "We need your help. Will you help us?" Who will reject an offer from them? But now with Superman dead it will be much difficult for Batman and Wonder Woman to convince the super-heroes to join them and risk their lives by fighting against other people having super-powers. The guys with super-powers will definitely consider it as Superman was being a hero when he was killed and that could happen to them too. This will just make things more interesting and difficult for Batman and Wonder Woman.

The perfect scenario could be to first have all the trouble with creating a team and then when the team is almost complete Superman comes back to life and just cements the whole team.

Let me know in the comments what you think and also how much you rate BatmanvSuperman. My rating is 9/10.


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