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I have been watching movies all my life. Growing up I have always wanted to be like the heroes on screen. Realizing those jobs were boring i
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Well I watched Batman v Superman, and I can honestly say its.... meh.

Now I may not have much to say about the film, but I have a lot to say about the current state of things on the internet. People are debating whether the film is good or not, even after its release, everyone is still split. So if you are someone who has not seen it, and are debating whether you should or not, well.... I do not envy you. Its been a while since I have seen people split so down the middle for something.

You are standing in the middle of a battlefield of critics and fans.

In this video I talk about the pros and cons of the film, as well as who you should listen to, Critics or the Fans.... Is it good or bad?

Also I provide a definition for the word “Fanboy”. This word is being thrown around so much, that in some cases, some are using it incorrectly but that's a personal thing.


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