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Thomas Cunningham IV

Batman Begins was fine, but I prefer the R'as al Ghul from the comics. I loved The Dark Knight, especially Joker (obvs). Rises, on the other hand, was garbage. GARBAGE. Batman was unforgivably stupid... AND he retired... AND he let himself get soft... AND Gotham was "crime free" just because Harvey Dent was killed?!?!


Further, no other supers could exist in that world (much less Superman), because the bomb was ticking for EIGHT MONTHS?!? Eight MONTHS?!?

And Batman ends up kicking it in the South of France?!? REALLY?!?

I digress...

You don't START the Justice League with a story arc that takes place decades into a long-established relationship. It's called the Dark Knight RETURNS for a reason. Superman's personality change was sparked by Lois' DEATH in that story. You can understand how that would impact him.

You don't introduce the greatest criminal genius in DC history as a mewling, twitchy millennial dbag. Remember Lex Luthor from the animated series? I do. THAT'S Lex Luthor people... Not Social Network Zuckerberg on meth.

You don't START a Justice League franchise with an iconic death. And speaking of death... here's the biggest gripe of all.

You don't START a Superman and Batman shared DC universe with both of them KILLING people left and right. Because...

How in the HECK does Batman have like 25 living supervillian nemeses... if he's killing street punks like it ain't no thang?

Think about that. Suicide Squad will be released in a few months. And you've got a CRAPTON of Batvillians (who have been apprehended and kept in jail). Many of which basically just LIVE for KILLING PEOPLE (Killer Croc). Plus, Joker is on the loose.... How can Batman POSSIBLY justify keeping them alive when they've collectively killed dozens of Marthas??

It's true that this movie will make money. Suicide Squad looks solid as a stand alone (though I don't understand how Waller can tacitly approve of Batman with his much more lax moral compass). Wonder Woman will make money. The real question is will this universe keep people engaged for the 2020 release of Cyborg?

Marvel did it right. Metahuman heroes (and their villains) were introduced piecemeal. Iron Man is "first" (because Cap was on ice). Then The Incredible Hulk, who was only recently created and then hiding out. Then another Iron Man... Then Thor (who existed contemporaneously, but not on Earth)... Flashback to WWII with Captain America. Meanwhile, Black Widow and Hawkeye were glorified SHIELD spies with down to Earth gadgets.

By the time the Avengers came around, you had a Loki threat everybody understood (with a tangential link to the actual origin story). At that point, you could pretty much do anything you wanted, but you went with three guaranteed sequels, before throwing an interstellar curveball with Guardians of the Galaxy. You see that Suicide Squad? You never lead with the D-list.

This is why Marvel can crank out anything and make it work. They've built consumer awareness and trust. And they UNDERSTAND the CORE FANS and the regular movie going public.

Christopher Reeve's Superman movies had flaws, but the essence of the character was clear and true to his decades-long legacy. Heck, even the goofiness of his adventures had parallels in comic books. Snyder, on the other hand, is crafting a Superman for a Watchmen universe. That's not really how DC has worked. DC has USUALLY been the lighter touch of the two companies (invented cities and Flash museums and Bat-mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk, etc.).

NOW in the Snyderverse, DC is all dark costumes, gravelly voices and killing. KILLING! Marvel has certainly had its share of death, but then again, even the biggest boy scout of the Avengers was killing Nazis in WWII AS A SOLDIER!

Money isn't the only arbiter of success. This movie was supposed to anchor a multi-film universe. The TV properties are a lot closer in tone to the spirit of DC, even Batm... I mean, Arrow.

Snyder's obsession with hyper-stylized shots and super slo-mo notwithstanding, I'm not excited for Justice League. Meanwhile, Captain America:Civil War has me salivating for Black Panther... in 2018. THAT'S what success looks like.


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