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Marvel have become masters in employing relatively unknown superheroes through various films and television shows. Their deal with Netflix introduced many fans to the character of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but is Brian Braddock set to be the next unknown superhero to have his own show?

Poster artist Ciara McAvoy set Marvel fans buzzing with a recent Tweet (above image) suggesting that a Captain Britain series is now being considered by Marvel. The image for a costume design were posted along with the following caption.

“Who will be playing Brian Braddock in the upcoming tv series...”

When fans began to press for more information McAvoy simply stated the following.

“I am being paid to do the promo poster so yes I’d say this is really happening. I can’t reveal anything yet but hopefully I’ll be able to soon. Waiting for the go ahead from the co-producer. It is his own don’t worry. I’m painting The Lady Of The Lake until they have an actor confirmed for Captain Britain. It might take a while before the announcement (either early 2017 or late 2016) They’re making a sizzle reel and it’s gonna be awesome.”

If this information is true, it suggest Captain Britain has been secretly in-development for a little while now over at Marvel HQ. If that is the case more information should leak soon including cast and crew information. The biggest question is how will Marvel get around the issue with his sister.

Olivia Munn as Elizabeth Braddock / Psylocke
Olivia Munn as Elizabeth Braddock / Psylocke

Psylocke is the twin sister of Captain Britain, which is a pretty large aspect of the character in the comics. With her being under the Fox deal with the X-Men franchise, it is unlikely she will appear in his series. However all hope is not lost, as Marvel have made a deal with Sony concerning the usage of Spiderman. Could Marvel make a similar deal with Fox concerning Psylocke? It is possible. Another option would be for them to either remove the character completely from the show, or replace her with a new original character.

What do you think? Is it time for Marvel to develop a show around the British superhero Captain Britain?


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