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You may have read a lot of articles regarding movie and may have watched the disappointed Ben Affleck after seeing the bad reviews of his movie. The video is trending right now.

The movie is quite trending in discussions among comics fans, Enthusiastic superhero fans and die hard marvel fans. If you have not seen the movie yet you should definitely go check it out but prepare yourself for not comparing it with Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy because this movie is having different motives and different writing styles. Worth mentioning that Chris Nolan's trilogy is epic and on comparison you will find this movie underwhelming.

Now let's talk about BVS, Its motive was to provide insight into the mind of Lex luther and giving hint of next Justice league movie. The movie starting is slow depicting the post war conditions of city metropolis and development of rage in Bruce wayne against the man of steel. The movie tries to develop plot for existance of Justice league and get us knowing the members of league. First half is all story story story and made me call it Yawn of justice. Second half quite packed with great action as happen in movies. Writing style is like Man of Steel.

The movie do provide us links for next part. The movie is not bad because narration of conditions for story was very necessary but it was clearly not indulging and you may think you have to watch batman trilogy again to make things right. But then comes mesmerising Wonder woman and stunning Batsuits and a great action which you should never miss.

If you enjoy comics over movie and you are a dc fan then movie may disappoint you

If you are a casual viewer you may find it little boring but you will appreciate the action, acting and wonder woman (Men will be men).

If you are great marvel fan and you don't like any dc movie you already hate it .

Overall you should go for movie if you haven't, It is first of its series and having great action and Ben affleck (you'll understand why he is worth mentioning after movie), have popcorn and make your own judgment regarding movie despite of negativity out there.

" If you have watched it and have some dilemma about overall movie or any disagreement regarding article you can contact Zack snyder the director of movie or Dc office.


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