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10 Cloverfield Lane was released in theaters this month. It was a feature-length directoral debut for Dan Trachtenberg, and a successful one at that: 10 Cloverfield Lane has so far grossed over $48 million (it's budget being $15 million).

However, before he directed a film based in a bunker, he created a film based in a testing lab. Portal: No Escape follows a woman as she wakes up in an empty room. After being trapped there for an unknown amount of time, she finds a Portal gun hidden behind one of the walls. With this new weapon, the test subject manages to escape her room, and escapes the building, all the while being shortly followed by snipers.

The Test Subject Discovers The Gun's Awesome Power
The Test Subject Discovers The Gun's Awesome Power

At the time of writing, Portal: No Escape has earned over 17 million views since being uploaded to YouTube in 2011. The film is based on Valve's successful Portal franchise; a puzzle game from the perspective of Chell, a test subject at Aperture Science. Since the game's release in 2007, it's spawned a sequel and three spin off games, as well as a merchandising line and a possible live-action film from J. J. Abrams.

The video can be seen below:

10 Cloverfield Lane is in cinemas now.

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