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I wrote something the other day about the BvS film and I've seen a lot of people that continue to give their takes on it as they watch. There seems to be a majority who say that is was great for what it was but there are still plenty of people talking it down.

A lot of the discussion is 'there was too much involved' or 'the fight was too short' and even a lot of 'doomsday sucked' chats going around. It really got me thinking about why we do this. Why do we feel the need to hold movies like this at such a high standard? I know that as a fan I would love it if it was 100% perfect but that'll never happen. I made a comment on someones else's post just today that opened my eyes though. Something I didn't really think about until I wrote it.

These are the only movies I ever noticed that get so much scrutiny.

Everyone was more than prepared for BvS to "suck" and were more than happy to make their presence known for it. Critics, the news, and a lot of this community as well as others filled with movie reviewers. We all held this movie to such a high standard that we didn't allow ourselves to enjoy how amazing it is to have it actually be real.

To reiterate my previous post about the movie, it is in no way Oscar worthy but that does not stop it from being the best damn live action DC movie they've made in a long time. DC rules in areas such as basic TV with shows like Arrow and The Flash, they hit it out of the park with every animated movie like The Flashpoint Paradox and Justice League War, but for some reason they never seem to hit it too good with the mainstream movies. Sure, The Dark Knight Trilogy was great but it's not the same. The universe Nolan made for that Batman could never hold characters such as Superman in it, it was way more than a normal superhero movie. We can bring up the previous Batman and Superman films but we're talking back when the technology wasn't prime so even those movies lacked in many standards we seem to hold movies up to nowadays.

Whenever they want to make a live, real person DC film there always seems to be something wrong, something missing, or just poor writing in general. Don't get me wrong, they shit the bed with a few Marvel related movies too over the years.

And this is when it hit me. They really are shitting the bed with the Marvel universe now.

See, we spend so much time laying down all these laws and restrictions for DC movies that we forget how scattered and jumbled the Marvel film universe is at the moment. Three different companies own the rights to 3 separate sets of characters in the Marvel universe. It took Disney a long time to acquire Spiderman so the new Captain America movie has one of it's prime characters since its story arc NEEDS him. But those that know the universe know that there are still MANY characters missing which would make a lot of these movies great. Characters like The Fantastic Four which have had 3 separate attempts to which each was on the reciprocating end of the critic double barrel shotgun. The entire X-Men universe is missing from these storylines, Storm and Wolverine and Cyclops. So much is missing from what could make Civil War epic but just the simple fact that Civil War is about to be a REAL movie, no one is complaining about anything but Spidermans suit.

And don't tell me that they have better writers because this entire concept has a wide abundance of source material. The writers are there to make the source material work with what they have since the source material is incomplete. But still, Civil War is a real movie now and we all cheer at the idea without the scrutiny of the fanboys and critics. But where is all the praise now that The Trinity(Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman) has been seen on the live, REAL movie screens for the first time? Where is the acknowledgement that we should be thankful that someone has finally done what so many fans have wanted to do?

You know why it's not the there?

Because the war isn't Marvel vs DC; the war is your willingness to let yourself find the flaws in it and blow it up a thousand times worse than it should overcoming your ability to just be happy with the idea of it existing to begin with. They will never do any of these stories right, but we should be happy they are doing any of them at all. And if you don't think that's fair, please begin to hold the same scrutiny to every movie.

Tell me why it's ok that Iron Man has a suit to fight the Hulk but Batman making a suit to fight Superman is bullshit or unfair?

Tell me why making these movies too dark and gritty is played out but the Daredevil show on Netflix is fine with that?

Tell me why it's ok that Iron Man creates Ultron when it's really Ant Man but having Lex Luthor create Doomsday is bullshit?

I want you to understand that I'm not bashing these pieces of work nor am I saying that you aren't entitled to your opinion. Understand that I am simple stating the obvious flaw I see in how we scrutinize comic book movies. The battle was never Marvel vs. DC, the battle is us putting them down individually when we should be praising them. ALL of them.


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