ByErick Diaz, writer at

A good portion of the film had gone by when we see Bruce staring at a computer screen hoping to recover files. Might I add, with all the technology and software that he has at his disposal, somehow the file took forever to get in to. Then Bruce knocked out, story of my life.

What happens next, made me so ecstatic that I literally jumped out of my seat. Bruce " wakes up " and sees Barry Allen in the flesh ... Sort of. We so a futuristic Ezra Miller, beefed up in armor ranting about Lane, and saying how she is the key and telling Batman that he was right about Superman all along. I caught onto this pretty quick, but people didn't seem to. I read all sorts of theories online but I am a huge Ezra fan so i can recognize his voice anytime.

Case and point, I think that in future DC film adaptations, Batman will send The Flash back in time to warn Bruce that his idea about who Superman really is, was not misguided. But we will have to find out....


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