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There are major spoilers in this article. If you have not seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice do not read anymore. Everyone really does need to go see the movie and develop their own thoughts before reading any reviews. Everything is subjective and this is only an opinion.

I have already wrote my thoughts on the movie which you can find by clicking here. As I said in my thoughts I really did overall enjoy the movie greatly. Even the title of the article reflects my thoughts. As a long time comic book reader and fan I saw the accuracy of the film and filled in parts of the story that were glossed over with my own knowledge of comic lore. This article is not necessarily a review but instead my thoughts on Jesse Eisenberg's character of Lex Luthor.

This incarnation of Lex Luthor is unlike any you have ever seen. There are some moments that demonstrate how cunning and evil he is, and other moments that show you that he is just crazy! This Lex is young, he is inexperienced and looks to still be living a spoiled life. This could account for his juvenile behavior in parts of the film and his almost annoying behavior as well. One thing that is quickly touched on by the character in the film is the fact that he had an abusive father, which is characteristic of the Lex we know from the comics. One more simple thing that is only said quickly in the film is the fact that this is Lex Luthor Jr. Interesting, right? The company is his father's who has now died, leaving the wealth and the company to his son Lex Luthor Jr.

The Lex that we all wanted to see in this film was a firm, charismatic, businessman that was basically untouchable. Here is just a theory...Lex Luthor Sr. was the firm, charismatic, businessman, who was abusive towards his son of the same name. This abuse Lex Jr. endured could perhaps account for his somewhat frigidity and scattered personality during the film. Lex Luthor Jr. after his father's death is now trying to run the company and become his own man. Still, he is young and does not fully understand the man he is. However, by the end of Batman V Superman I think he grows up and knows what kind of man he needs to be in this world. This I think will lead to him becoming his father, the Lex Luthor we all wanted to see. Perhaps this is represented by the shaving of his head at the end of the movie. The transformation from a young, spoiled, inexperienced boy to the strong, charismatic, businessman we want in a Lex Luthor.

I mean come on this looks more like the Lex we want
I mean come on this looks more like the Lex we want

There is also one other thing I would like to address in this article. In many reviews people and critics are complaining about how messy his plan is and how it doesn't really make sense. Granted, yes there are some leaps that are hard to understand, however, much of it does make sense.

Lex Luthor witnessed the destruction of Metropolis and like Bruce Wayne did not trust Superman, an alien. In his mind this man needs to be destroyed. He does not belong on Earth. He sees the "true" Superman, a dangerous alien, not a god to seek saving from. There is a line in the movie whilst he is talking to Lois Lane where he states "...if god is all powerful, he cannot be all good". This is the light he sees Superman in and it is the light in which he wants all of the world to see Superman in, a man that isn't all good.

Okay now this is where things get a little messy. Lex Luthor has already figured out Clark Kent is Superman. Anyone who is upset by this or doesn't understand how he figured it out, come on. Lois Lane, a normal reporter figured it out in a short amount of time. I'm sure a smart millionaire with resources can figure it out. By this point he has already discovered that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Okay, this one is a little harder to explain. One could possibly assume that someone as smart as Lex could have studied the evidence left behind from 20 years of Batman and possibly piece together his identity. He could have even had a satellite track the Batmobile back to it's place of origin and then figure that, huh it's close to Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne is rich, pretty buff, and watched his parents get murdered. I think Bruce Wayne is Batman. Is it a bit of a stretch? Yes, but oh well. Now to his scheme to get Superman to fight Batman.

Lex Luthor did not have to manipulate Bruce Wayne too much. He was already pretty determined to take on Superman. While Lex Luthor was the one responsible for the letter saying "You let your family die", that was not the incident that pushed Bruce Wayne to deciding it was time to battle. It was the explosion in the capital, which Lex also instigated. It just proved to Bruce Wayne again, that wherever Superman is people die. Not only did the explosion pit Wayne against Superman to a more extreme level, but it also pushed many people to question Superman and ask how he could let that destruction and death occur. Lex Luthor killing an entire room of people (including Mercy! That is upsetting) proved how evil he is and the length to which he is willing to go in order to get what he wants. Now on to convincing Clark that he needed to take down the Bat. Through the movie we see Clark watching the news and seeing the stories of "The Bat Brand of Justice". He thought this was going too far. He thought that Batman wasn't helping the law, but trampling all over it by breaking laws. However, Superman would not have fought Batman if it were not for Lex kidnapping Martha Kent. Lex Luthor tells Clark if he doesn't bring him the head of Batman he will have his mother burned to death. Superman is human in his relationship with his mom and he would do anything to save her.

That is the only reason he goes to stand off with Batman. Now why does Lex want the two to fight so badly? It goes back to exposing Superman for what he really is, a murderer. If Batman does win, it gets rid of Superman, the false god.

Confusing? Yes it kind of is, but there is a method to Luthor's madness. Bruce Wayne already didn't like Superman. Clark Kent already didn't like Batman. Lex did what he had to, to ensure the two would indeed fight. Doomsday was only the hail mary play. If Batman didn't kill Superman Luthor knew he could still accomplish it with Doomsday. Yes, you can find flaws with Doomsday but oh well. This post isn't talking about Doomsday. I just wanted to write about Luthor and his plan. This is only the introduction to Luthor. Although it was not the Luthor we wanted to see, it's a new take on the character with great possibilities. By the end of the movie I think we see the evolution of Lex Luthor Jr. into the Lex Luthor that many people wanted to see in the movie. Prison will definitely harden him and I look to see a much tougher Lex Luthor the next time the character appears in the DC universe. For how the role was written, Jesse Eisenberg nailed his performance. He is a very talented actor so if you do disagree with everything I said in this article at least don't blame the actor. I hope that this article made you think a little differently about this version of Lex Luthor we saw in the movie. He's new, and I think we just need to keep an open mind. There really are amazing parts to this movie and it does not deserve the terrible reviews it is receiving. So if you read this and you have not seen the movie yet, you really need to go see it!


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