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Let's talk about Batman V Superman and if it's worth watching or if it's as bad as people say it is. This movie is one of the most anticipated films to be coming out this year. One reason is this is going to give us Wonder Woman and set up Justice League. Also we get to see Batman and Superman on screen together for the first time as well. This made us look at DC and say, " It's about time they stepped up and challenge Marvel with a Justice League movie." Now most know that DC was already planning a shared universe and Batman Begins was to be a gateway to that. Unfortunately plans fell through with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern was a bust and other things prevented it from happening. Now it looks like we have a light at the end of the tunnel and we can't wait for it to happen.

Now let's get into Ben Affleck as Batman. As I've said in my talks about him taking on this role I was against it. After his bad portrayal of Daredevil I was against him playing a superhero again. After the movie finished I was like damn he did it and surprised me in the process. He gave us a performance that will put him up there with the others who brought Batman to life. The suits were also amazing the do look like the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns suits. His fight scenes definitely were brutal just like in the Dark Knight Returns comic and animated movie. The whole ideas that he uses a voice modulator to change his voice was a cool new addition.

Jeremy Irons was a casting choice I was more than thrilled about. He's a great actor and felt he would give us a good performance. He did just that and had scenes of him fixing the suit and flying the Batwing. This Alfred was more hands on than the previous one which I loved.

Ok now Gal Gadot was not my first choice and I didn't like the casting choice either. Just like Ben she made me a believer and was perfect for the role. Her portrayal of Diana Prince was just as good too. She managed to give us a strong and beautiful woman and an Amazon warrior which seemed effortless. We get the Wonder Woman we all know and love in this movie.

Now let's talk about Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. As I've said he was not the right choice and I don't think he can give us the definitive Lex performance. I was right and his portrayal was like a mash up between the Riddler and a watered down Joker. He didn't give us the strong arrogant manipulative business man we expected. One scene that stood out was him speaking at a party. He would talk then trail off and kind of laugh then back to his speech. I was highly disappointed at this and was like why. Lex Luthor isn't a comedic character and shouldn't have been portrayed as such.

Doomsday was not Doomsday he was more like a troll from Lord Of The Rings. He wasn't as big as he was portrayed in the film; and was overpowered too. His appearance and how he became Doomsday was just as bad. If this was to give us a big fight scene at the end they failed miserably with this creature.

Ok now comes the hard truth this movie had no story what so ever. It was a mash up of different comics books and the story's didn't blend together. This was a visually amazing movie hands down that's all. Which is said to say because of what's ridding on it's success. I've talked about it in a review on You Tube. Check that out I mention things that I haven't written down.

With all that I've said you can probably guess what I think of this movie. I didn't like it and was disappointed by it; but thoroughly enjoyed the visuals of it. I just feel like Warner Bros. is trying to go big and out do Marvel in the cinematic universe. My advise is not focus on what they have done. Look at what they did and follow the formula with your style of dark and gritty. Or look at your animated universe films because they're amazing. They had story and everything which is sad and disappointing when that level of awesomeness doesn't reach live action.

From this moment on there are spoilers you have been warned. Let's start with Doomsday he wasn't created by Lex Luthor. I do think they mention the real Doomsday in the movie as he is creating the newer version. Lex is responsible for creating Bizzaro not Doomsday. The movie borrowed from different comic stories like The Dark Knight Returns, The Death Of Superman, Superman Batman Apocalypse, Justice League Flashpoint. The last two are not heavily borrowed from just a few things. From Flashpoint we see the Flash come back sort of and tell Bruce he was right and it's all about Lois. The Apocalypse one is the fight with Doomsday, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Although in Apocalypse it was multiple versions of Doomsday. We also get a look at Aquaman in a video file which looked amazing. We see Cyborg also in a video file but this was his creation scene. We see a file on Wonder Woman giving us her age. Plus a Flash security video showing him saving someone. I didn't agree with how he looked in that video either. We also get a look at Apocalypse henchmen in a dream sequence which looked cool.


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