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'Kingsman: The Secret Service' was an incredibly unexpected success when it premiered. Matthew Vaughn, the director of the film was unsure of returning for a sequel but ultimately decided to step in. But aside from casting, which included Julianne Moore as the main antagonist and rumors of Halle Berry joining the project, we didn't have anything tangible until now.

In an interview for the newest issue of Empire magazine, Matthew Vaughn has revealed the sequel's title, synopsis and concept art. The film will be titled:


In the concept art below, we see the Statesman HQ (American version of Kingsman) the destroyed Kingsman HQ, and Poppyland, the lair of main villain Poppy (played by Julianne Moore).

The film will also feature an appearance from Halle Berry. Speaking to Empire, Matthew Vaughn had this to say about the upcoming film:

"I didn't know if I wanted to direct this or not. I was worried about the villain. Spy films are only as good as their villains. Then one morning I woke up with the whole storyline in place, and a new villain plot."

Regarding whether or not he would include a new "church scene" in the sequel, he said:

"You try not to read what people want, but they do want another church sequence. I have no reason for another massacre to happen. But I have other sequences you've never seen before."

Those sequences will include skiing, a barroom brawl, robot dogs, one-armed henchmen, and the heroes being attacked by what Vaughn calls,

"a massive f***ing frankfurter."

Could the information provided mean the Kingsman and Statesman will be rivals or be on the same side for the entire film to catch Julianne Moore?

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle" is expected to premiere on June 16th, 2017.


Will you be watching the film?


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