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With the finale of AMC's The Walking Dead fast approaching, fans of the walker carnage will not have to go long without more walker-packed action! The second season of Fear the Walking Dead is set to premiere the week following the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead.

As fans speculated at the end of the first season, the cast is indeed set to make for the seas to avoid the walker hordes. Along with the promo image comes a look at the first trailer for the series.

It is pretty clear that Season 2 is set to explode with more action than the first. The first season was interesting as it showed the slow spread of the outbreak, leaving audiences at the point where the family decided it was time to leave the city. With them now understanding the new world order, the characters are set for some true Walking Dead development that is clearly going to see new changes in the personality of Cliff Curtis as Travis Manama.

Cliff Curtis as Travis Manama
Cliff Curtis as Travis Manama

In the first season, Cliff was established as a peace-maker, abhorring violence and not wanting to hurt anyone, even if that person was trying to bite out his throat. At the end of the trailer, he is clearly taking a difference stance as he proclaims, "I choose survival." Another character that should make waves this series is Frank Dillane as Nick Clark.

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark
Frank Dillane as Nick Clark

In the first season, Nick is established as a drug addict. Now in a world where the walkers rule, it is not going to be easy for him to just pop to his local dealer. We saw the character struggle with withdrawal in the first season, but with the show set at sea for the second season, the character should be set for some pretty rough times.

The final thing I bring you is a sneak peek at a scene from Season 2. Walkers storm the beach looking for their next meal in this clip from the new season.

This alone shows fans how the second series will be stepping up the number of walkers for the cast to face, leaving a suspenseful ending to keep fans wanting more.

The only remaining question behind the series is: which character from the webisode Fear the Walking Dead: Flight will be joining the cast of the series? The creators stated a character from the webisode series would join the main cast of the show in Season 2. Our two most likely candidates are Jake Powell, portrayed by Brendan Meyer, a teenage boy on board Flight 462, and a mysterious female passenger, Charlie, portrayed by Michelle Ang.

Jake Powell and Charlie
Jake Powell and Charlie

They are the only two characters to feature in all 16 parts of the webisodes, and both have been central throughout the plot. However, while the main attention does appear to be on Jake, it is more likely Charlie will be the one to join the show. Fear The Walking Dead already houses three teenage characters, two of which are also male. Does the show really need a third teenage boy and fourth teenager in total in the show? Not really. Whereas Charlie has everything the main cast seems to be lacking at the moment. Charlie is the one character from the webisode series that seems to have an idea of what is actually happening. She is the one who knew what would happen when the male passenger died and what will happen to anyone bitten or scratch by him. She is a fighter of a character and has not hesitated to make some tough decision already.

Are you looking forward to the second series of Fear The Walking Dead? Who do you think will survive Flight 462 and join the main cast?


Who will walk away from Flight 462?


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