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If you have been following CW's The Arrow, you would know the most shipped couple in the entire TV world(Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak), just went and broke up in Season 4, Episode 15, leaving many fans weeping because, to be honest, they were perfect for each other. Or were they?

Another one of CW's shows, The Flash has hinted at a romance between main character Barry Allen and Felicity, not so much this past season though. It has been clear Barry had feelings for Felicity because, he kissed her. Pretty self-explanatory. However, Oliver stepped in and decided he wanted to be with Felicity, it was all well and good for about half a season, when Felicity didn't want to get married anymore and was not going to be convinced otherwise.

So, Olicity is over, but Ferry, is still in the running. Barry has been chasing a girl, Iris West, who he grew up with and after seeing himself with her on Earth Two and in the future, he's not about to just give her up. That's why I'm thinking Barry and Felicity might have a chance, they both are insanely smart, both obviously have feelings for each other, and come on, Ferry? Their ship name is a boat! It's perfect. I see the flaws, they life in two different cities 600 miles away from each other. But when your boyfriend can run a mile in 2.3 seconds, he'll be there in a Flash.

So it is a long shot, and we already have enough Olicity in our lives. Have Ferry fandoms all over the place with Olicity fandoms all over the place. The world wouldn't be able to handle it. So as much as I wish Barry and Felicity could be together, we all know it has to be Iris and Barry, and Oliver and Felicity for the stories to make sense. When the next crossover happens, I hope it involves Felicity telling Barry that Olicity is over, and to see the excitement on his face

This was my first article, so I am hoping it wasn't that bad. If it was, sorry!


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