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Let's Talk about one of the greatest films ever made! Ben-Hur (1959) starring Charlton Heston as the lead Role of Judah Ben-Hur. The Story is about Christ, who is witnessed by a man named Judah Ben-Hur, which impacts his life. And this film is phenomenal, not only as a religious film, but as a film in general. I love this movie, and honestly this is one of my favorite films of all time.

Lets start with whats great, the Acting led by an Oscar-winning performance by Charlton Heston. The Other acting performances include the commanding Jack Hawkins, Hara Harareet, an Oscar Worthy Performances by Stephen Boyd as Messala and Hugh Griffith as the Sheik and many more. The Film's Cinematography is some of the best ever in film-making. The Set-pieces, costume design and makeup were all Phenomenal.

The Story is spectacular and William Wyler's Direction is some of the best Directing ever seen in a film, the sound design and certain scenes were incredible to gaze upon, like the Chariot Race scene, the galleys and overall well everything LOL. I do think even if your not religious, you should check this film out.

Overall this film is a masterpiece, that no one should remake (i'm looking at you 2016 remake). My final Score for Ben-Hur (1959) is a worthy and well Deserved 10/10!!! a Phenomenal film, this is a must-watch film. Really I have zero criticisms of this film, I love it to death and honestly it deserved the 11 Academy Award wins it got, this is one of the best films ever made, so please check this out, and not the 2016 remake which focuses on the wrong aspects of the story.


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