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Oh...My...God... That movie was amazing! Welcome back to my profile and I'm your host, Thomas Bartlett and today, I'm writing a review for the new BatmanVSuperman movie and there are spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk! So this movie was done well and with passion, now the movie shouldn't have been called BatmanVSuperman because they don't fight until 3 quarters into the movie, but even then it's only because Lex Luthor threatened to kill Martha Kent if Superman didn't fight Batman, so Superman was kind of forced to. There are 3 cameos from fellow Justice Leaguers as well! Wonder Woman was sent camera footage of them from Batman and it showed Aquaman, The Flash, and what I believe to be Cyborg, but I'm now sure. Doomsday killed, yes he killed, Superman in the last scene! Superman lives on though as in the last scene, you see his casket moving! In the first scene, you see Batmans origin which is awesome! You also see the destruction of Metropolis from Man of Steel from the citizens point of view, which as epic! Nonetheless, Batman won the battle because if it wasn't for Lois, Batman would have shattered his no killing rule all over Superman! Anyway, that's all for my short review on this! I'll see you guys later!


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