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Oh Batfleck, I am not done with you yet...

Last Monday... or Wednesday... or wait was it Friday? Anyways, as you all know, sometime last week the very anticipated Batman Vs Superman was finally released. And boy was it fire. Of course I mean that critics practically lit torches and grabbed pitchforks to try and run this movie out of any chance of reaching the hype it was set up for. Rotten Tomatoes' now 29% being the final nail in Batman Vs. Supermans' coffin. So, where did this movie go wrong? Well actually that's not really question I am going to answer today. That will be for another time. Today I am going to try and show you all of the plot holes in this movie. Oh yeah, spoilers ahead:

1. The framing of Superman

So let me do a basic explanation of this one: Lex Luther has a plan to make the world turn on Superman and reject him as a false god. So how does he plan to do this? In perhaps the most intelligent way possible. Luther decides to frame Superman for the death of a few people in a third world country. He does this by using Lois Lane as bait. So the old Supes shows up, saves Lois, and then flies away with a warlord. Meanwhile, Lex Luther's soldiers, armed with experimental bullets (for some unexplained reason) take out the rest of the terrorists in the camp. The world then says that superman killed everyone in the camp. The wierdest part about this whole plan is that Superman has never used guns. Ever. Sure he has used laser vision. Sure he flew through buildings killing thousands (and was still seen as a hero) but he never used guns. So why does everyone think he killed the people who were clearly killed by bullets. Then this whole framing part is completely thrown out later when Superman is at the senate hearing. Lex Luthor blows the entire place up (why?) leaving superman as the only person left alive. But after, he's not even a suspect at all. It doesn't make sense that he is believed to have killed a bunch of people in a third world country, with guns, but then not be a suspect at the trial prosecuting him.

2. The death of Mercy Graves

Lex Luthor decides to blow a whole senate hearing up. Despite the un answered question of "why" it still happened. The strange thing is that in this explosion he knowingly killed his assistant. Mercy Graves. Up until this point she had been very loyal to him, and had the potential of becoming a key factor in the story. Infact, she was quite important up until her death, truly leaving movie goers confused at her rushed demise.

3. Batman and Superman teaming up

Batman is set on the destruction of superman. How do I know, because Ben Affleck looked dramatically at the sky for 30 seconds while music played in the background. Right there, thats commitment. So It doesn't make sense that after a year or so of training to kill Superman, Batman would just give up. Yes superman's mom has the same name as Batman's but that should not sway a year of determination. This whole scene seemed very rushed and honestly suffered from the disease of bad writing. Then again maybe what happened was a good thing. All I know is that Batfleck is not my Batman. My Batman never killed.

4. The nightmares

Throughout the movie Bruce Wayne suffers from a series of nightmares where he flies with bats, basically turns into Mad Max, is scared by some weird Man Bat thing, and is then greeted by time traveling Flash. The nightmares, in the beginning, were somewhat well guided but by the end, they became out of place. What purpose did they truly play in this movie if any? All I know is that the desert Batman is a badass.

5. Doomsday, all of it

Doomsday is created with no explanation at all. So human blood, with Zod's body creates an imperfection which then turns into Doomsday. Truly this explanation is not good enough, until you look to the comics where it makes a little more sense. But still. Next, Doomsday bursts out of his... whatever that was... and begins fighting Superman. But everyone seemingly forgets that Doomsday is still an infant. He is part Kryptonian and part human. That is not an excuse for him to be flying one second after birth. If humans could walk that fast it would be a miracle. Even Superman was a baby. When he landed on Earth he didn't suddenly just fly away into the sun or something. So why is Doomsday a pro at destroying stuff after no experience?

6. The nuclear explosion

Yes I know this movie was based off the Dark Knight returns but this part was inexcusable. In The Dark Knight Returns, Superman is hit by a nuke (just like in this movie) and begins to shrivel up because of it (just like in this movie). However, the reason Superman shriveled like that in the comics is not because of the power of the bomb. It was a dual result of the impact of the nuke, and the fact that the explosion blocked out the sun. As you may know, the sun is Supes' main source of power. So he shriveled without it. In this movie, both Superman and Doomsday are hit by the nuke. Infact, superman angles himself so that Doomsday receives the main impact. Doomsday falls back to Earth stronger, and undamaged, as Superman just floats around in space. This doesn't make sense. Doomsday is kryptonian he is also powered by the sun, but now he is farther away from it then Superman is. Was the sun blocked out? If so Doomsday would weak. But now, Superman is in space closer to it and is still weak. This is more of a continuity error than anything, but without help of the comics it is still easy to see that this scene makes no sense.

7. How did Lois Lane know to go back for the spear?

Upon seeing Doomsday, Lois immediately runs for the spear she had previously thrown into the water. But the real question still stands. How did she know to go back for it. No one told her Batman's plan to retrieve it. Perhaps Lois is psychic. Stranger things have happened.

8. Superman and Clark Kent

It doesn't take a genius to figure out Clark Kent is Superman. So, I guess Metropolis isn't the sharpest spork in the drawer. In this movie there are constant give aways of Superman's true identity. Honestly you do not have to do any digging to find out. Despite Clark Kent and Superman's constant correlating disappearances, and the fact that all Clark has to do is take his glasses off, there is an even easier way to tell. Lois Lane. She cannot keep anything a secret. In the climax of the movie right before Superman goes to fight Batman, he catches Lois getting into a cab. With the cab door wide open and a street full of people. Lois looks Superman in the eyes and says "Clark." She straight up says his name. By this point it is a miracle no one else has found out. Also the fact that superman is always with Lois is a dead giveaway. He's not even sly about it. Every time Superman goes to land there's a huge cracking noise. Batman trained with the league of shadows. How about you?

9. Kryptonite

The Kryptonite rules keep changing. In the beginning of the movie Lex Luthor explains that Kryptonite erodes Kryptonian cells extremely quickly. So how is it that in the fight with Batman, Superman inhales kryptonite 2 times and is then immediately fine after it. It erodes cells. Yes Superman can fix this, but how quickly can he regenerate. Keep in mind that this was just kryptonite in a gaseous form not the pure rock. But wait there's more. Later when Superman dives down to grab the spear with PURE kryptonite on the end, he passes out. Lois pulls him up, and then 10 seconds later he is healed again. He was just in contact with pure kryptonite which apparently kept him down for less time than the little bit he inhaled earlier. Then, suddenly, he can fly with kryptonite in his hand, which he then jabs into Doomsday. Who knows, maybe Superman was just faking all along. Sure got the attention of Lois. Supes, you sly honey badger you.

10. Why didn't Wonder Woman just take the spear?

Superman could have just given the spear to Wonder Woman, preventing the whole double funeral dirt on the coffin thing. Geez how cheesy was that last scene.

Anyways, these were just some plot holes in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Injustice that I stumbled upon. I hope you guys enjoyed, I will be writing more soon. Additionally, incase you haven't seen the movie yet, I recommend you do. Personally I enjoyed it enough that I saw it two times in the same day. It is always better to form your own opinion rather than basing what you think off of someone else.



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