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Bill Solo

Well, everyone has officially stopped giving a shit about critics, because Batman V Superman just blew everyone's minds when it blew all Marvel films out of the water, cause it made 400+ Million dollars in one weekend, which means it has the biggest superhero opening of all time.

What Avengers? Spiderman? X Men? BVS has killed all of them, and made soooooo much money in one weekend, it has gone down in history.

Holy money, Batman!
Holy money, Batman!

That's right, mates, BVS is really good (while it has flaws, critics are being ridiculous at this point).

And enjoy some of these really funny posts counter attacking (in a hilarious way) the critics, by Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher, who play Cyborg and Aquaman in the film, check them out on their Instragram accounts.

And with that, let's get ready for Suicide Squad.


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