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One of the highlights of going to Salt Lake Comic Con events is seeing the "Twisted Toonz" panel, where voice actors of our favorite childhood cartoons come together and do a script read of a popular movie. Throughout the day, as well, they come together to sign autographs and take pictures. During a busy con day, I was able to catch Bill Farmer, the voice of many great Disney characters but perhaps the most famous being Goofy, and ask him questions about his characters, his experiences with cons and taking over roles from such great legends.

The D23 Panel success was a surprise

There had been a blog with top 10 panels to see during the expo, the A Goofy Movie's anniversary panel didn't even make it on the list. However, at the end of the day their panel had 100% satisfaction, even beating out Star Wars.

He loves his "son" Jason

Jason actually didn't get to sing in the movie as the producers thought that he couldn't. Bill was happy to see him again at the D23 expo and to get to prove them wrong by singing "On the Open Road." They do talk on occasion, but Jason lives in the south now.

It's always harder to take over the role from someone else

Not only did he take over the role of Goofy, but he has played the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham in a few things such as Disney's House of Mouse. He actually did work with the original voice actor Pat Buttram on A Goofy Movie and has a great respect for the late actor.

Loves the challenge of just barking

It is one of the most challenging things, but he loves it. It makes him really think, especially about the intonations and what bark could represent what emotion, or what he is trying to say.

His favorite character might surprise you

While you might think it's Goofy or Pluto, his favorite character to voice is actually Doc from 7D.

Bill is a great guy with a big heart. It was amazing to get to meet such a Disney legend.


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