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Today's episode of The Walking Dead is hours away, Episode 15: East, which will build up the anticipation of the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead next week. The main group of survivors are deep in to the conflict with Negan's group of Saviors as the story stands, although Rick and company haven't come face to face with Negan yet, that will change next week or possibly today. Until then, we have to deal with the matter of Carol leaving, without telling anyone. The promo for Episode 15: East, shows Rick's group of Alexandrians leading a search party for Carol. Indicated in the promo, is the letter left for Tobin by Carol, stating why she's leaving. The letter gives Carol a somber goodbye to the group but Rick and co. still go out to look for her. Or it is probable that Rick receives the letter from Tobin after some activity outside of Alexandria indicates that Carol was attacked on her way out, and may be imprisoned by the Saviors or just in a troublesome situation. There's multiple reasons why Rick and co. go out to look for Carol, her letter to Tobin most likely said her goodbyes to the group and would have let everyone know not to go looking for. Trying to do the right thing and abiding by Carol's wishes, Rick and co. would probably stave off the search unless another unexpected set of circumstances reveal Carol didn't leave in a safe manner.

The beginning segment of today's episode will probably show Carol leaving and whatever else she finds on the outside of Alexandria's walls. It isn't likely that Carol is going to run into any vast hordes of walkers outside of Alexandria but other looming threats could be nearby. There's a plausibility to the aspect of Carol leaving Alexandria just before Negan's group of Saviors has decided to attack. The situation could be happening off-screen to where the Saviors have found Alexandria and have planned their infiltration of the compound, and are about to attack when they see a sneaking Carol, leaving Alexandria in the dark of night. The Saviors would attempt to take Carol, running into a fight from her at first, then restraining her to take her with them. The world of The Walking Dead isn't that big anymore, and the growing set of communities means it will be easier for Negan and his band of Saviors to traverse the landscape and commit whatever atrocities they decide on, and also find out where Rick and co. are held up. The confrontation may not wind up on Alexandria's doorstep, although the graphic novel for which similar set of events have occurred, has Negan making his presence known to the Alexandrians when he catches Rick slipping while he's on guard one night, the events on The Walking Dead television series may see the same set of events happening or something entirely different.

The other tidbit that reveals some information about Episode 15 is the dialogue from Rick saying "no one else leaves" implying that one or multiple members of the group have left to look for Carol or for another purpose. With the season finale growing closer every minute, it is likely that today's search for Carol will see Rick and company facing the Saviors before the end of the episode. The foolhardy attempt at finding Carol by several groups will probably land one or all of them in the grasps of the Saviors. We've already seen that they have a talent on sneaking up on people, and taking control of them. Aside from the necessary lead-in for the finale next week, this week has the obligation to successfully set up next week's episode of The Walking Dead; seeing is that the Season 6 Finale will bring with it some drastic ramifications for the rest of the survivors on The Walking Dead.

UPDATED INFO: Information from SpoilTheDead fan page has revealed the key points of today's episode of The Walking Dead. Read on if you dare, you've been warned. It looks legitimate as well.

The following are the set of events slated to happen in Episode 15 of Season 6, on The Walking Dead:

- The opening scene shows blood on the ground in the middle of a road. This scene probably has something to do with Carol being attacked by a group of Saviors.

- Carl is looking at a pistol with a baseball bat and barbed wire carved into the handle. Looking at that bat is probably a scene from the end of today's episode where Negan will be introduced or the group will see him bashing in someone's head from behind right before meeting him.

- Michonne leaves Rick in bed as she has a shift to do.

- Daryl leaves Alexandria on his bike without telling anyone either. Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita get in a van to go after him. Rosita says she's knows where he's going. Glenn looks back at Maggie as they drive off. Glenn taking an overly long look at Maggie in his goodbye to her might indicate that being the last time he'll see her. Get back to that later.

- Tobin tells Rick about Carol's departure. Rick and Morgan leave in search of her.

- Carol runs into some trouble on the road. Her tires get blown out by a group of men. She goes into disguise mode, pretending to be helpless. She is able to kill some of them with a hidden gun. She then impales a guy on a stick. A second guy appears to be alive and after a gunshot . The scene cuts to black, possibly hinting at Carol taking a bullet.

- In their search for Carol, Morgan and Rick stumble across her car and discovers the dead Saviors next to it. They follow a blood trail and find a walker who they believe could be Carol. They are pleased to find out it isn't her.

- An armored man appears while screaming about incoming walkers and runs towards a barn. Rick points his gun at this man, but Morgan pushes him out of the way so he can escape. Morgan then confesses about how he tried to help the Wolf and change him.

- After the discussion between Rick and Morgan on the matter, Rick tells Morgan that Michonne stole his protein bar as he leaves to head home. Rick leaves Morgan to search for Carol on his own, per his wishes. Perhaps, Carol and Morgan will find a home somewhere outside of Alexandria where they don't have to kill people to survive. The two of them may have had confrontations in the past but it looks like they share similar philosophies now, i.e. Carol using acorns and beats to make cookies when supplies are short, Morgan attempting to spare everyone's life, and Carol showing intense remorse for every life she "has" to take. They could even build a cottage together where they practice stick based martial arts and Carol makes acorn stew every night; what a dream.

- A third Savior who was wounded by Carol appears from behind some bushes back at the car wreck. He heads in the direction of where Rick and Morgan went (towards the barn). Potentially sneaking up on the two, putting them in danger as well.

- Maggie asks Enid for a haircut, to which she obliges after being a little hesitant. Maggie starts getting stomach pains. Could have the recent events have caused some inadvertent effects on Maggie and Glenn's child? She can't be having the baby, possibly a miscarriage, hopefully not.

- Rosita, Glenn and Michonne catch up to Daryl. Daryl explains that he's out there to kill Dwight after he's had two opportunities to kill him and Denise is dead because Daryl didn't take advantage of the situation. Daryl's outlook has been growing more grim as the episodes of Season 6 have progressed, he didn't want Jesus in the group and told Rick he felt like they shouldn't go out looking for more people. Now Daryl wants to kill Dwight to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone else. Rosita goes with Daryl to find Dwight but Glenn and Michonne head home. Glenn and Michonne eventually get surrounded by Saviors on their way back. Here's how they get presented to Negan.

- Daryl and Rosita track down Dwight and the Saviors. Finding them held up, they also have Glenn and Michonne tied up. Glenn warns Daryl to stay back.

- The episode ends with Dwight and his Saviors ambushing Daryl from behind. Dwight shoots Daryl as he turns around and blood is splattered on the camera. Screen goes black and you hear Dwight say, "You'll be alright."

That's all the information available on today's episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9PM/ET


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