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It's the one of the two most anticipated films which comic book fans have been talking about (with the other film being Avengers: Civil War), and if the past few days have shown us anything, it's that we should not trust sources like Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite it's horrid review score and negative criticism given by reviewers upon it's initial release, those who have seen the film can argue against the haters and agree that Batman V Superman is infact, one of the better Superhero films has made with it's nice subtle setup of Batman's past, the introduction to Wonder Woman, and the scenes of upcoming characters (and Justice League members); The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.

The film begins in the perspective of Bruce Wayne and the tragedy of his parent's death' which if you are a Batman fan, you'll know the tale by now. We are then shown Mr Wayne's experience through the Superman vs Zod battle from the end of the 'Man of Steel' and why he strongly dislikes Superman.

After these explanatory scenes, we're soon introduced, very subtly, to Wonder Woman, and the psychotic Lex Luthor...Junior? And the film's plot slowly begins to be told in a present day sense.

Much more goes down throughout the film which I'm sure include a cameo by The Flash or Cyborg from the future giving Bruce Wayne a warning, though it was passed off as a dream, which I felt was pretty good move to play by. It came across confusing, though nearly hinting at possibly Flashpoint issues as well as Injustice issues (if you've read the comics) which could happen in future films.

Towards the end, the film began to conclude with the epic Batman versus Superman battle, Doomsday's coming to be, and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman getting into battle.

I really liked the battle between both Batman and Superman, I feel it was done well and somewhat faithful to the comics though, a minor issue I felt was how powerful Superman was even against Batman's robotic suit and how weakened Superman became once exposed to the Kryptonite. All in all, I'm glad the film did the battle justice and that it didn't try to add some new rules to fit the film like several other films have done in the past.

I feel the film did an excellent job at displaying the issues Superman has with the way in which the general public view him, with most praising him as a god, while others deeming him too dangerous to be around.

Both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill did an excellent job at portraying an aged Bruce Wayne and a struggled Superman & bystander Clark Kent, and their portrayal really felt like it was Batman and Superman straight from the comics.

I'm no the biggest fan of Lois Lane in this cinematic series, however, Amy Adams did a good job at portraying the character, though at times, it did feel like her character's importance was unnecessarily high. I haven't looked into the character of Lois Lane prior to the film, so perhaps her character is always of higher importance to characters other than Superman, but it'll be interesting to see her character continue by his side in the future films.

There's really a lot to talk about for this film and it would take a much longer period of time to do so, however, this is what I wanted to review for now. I may write more about this film at a later point.

I would disregard the nasty reviews and go and check it out.

The film is definitely an 8/10!


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