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Kerry Cepero

It's that time of the year faithful viewers. Shows are either renewed or cancelled, both loved and hated. Some we'll be glad to see go, others may leave a hole in our hearts. So while the casts of renewed shows are breathing a sigh a relief, let's think of those who will be potentially out of work when their show's run is done.

Now I will say this, there will be some talent available for hire should the ax fall on their heads. Lets look at some of those actors and actresses that will be put on the waiver wires after the spring.


It wasn't a bad show, but it didn't grab on to an audience strong enough to keep it alive. Now, had it aired on the SYFY network then maybe we would have seen it renewed. One thing is for certain, Robert Kazinsky (Jimmy Pritchard) who played the lead character shouldn't be out of work for too long. Neither should Tim Dekay who played his son Duval. He's perfect for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Dilshad Vadsaria (Mary Goodwin) should also be looked at for daytime soaps possibly.


Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie have graced the screen for three seasons as resurrected colonial Ichabod Crane and the cop who helps him uncover what lies in the dark, Abbie Mills, respectively. This show is not bad, at all. Yet, the ratings aren't strong enough to assume it will be renewed for a fourth season. Both of these talents should be back on TV soon, as many hope Tom Mison will be the next Doctor Who. Fans should still hold out hope Sleepy Hollow may be picked up by another network.


There is still hope that GRIMM may be renewed by NBC for season 6. If it isn't, many would love to see David Giuntoli on the big screen playing some bad ass superhero, or even as a hunter standing side by side with the Winchester brothers on the CW's SUPERNATURAL. Silas Weir Mitchell will probably land on some comedy show, maybe. He's versatile enough with an acting resume that is impressive. Grimm has some talent here folks.


They say Nashville's on the outs. Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton have played out their drama on the country music stage for 4 seasons. Both of these fine actresses will find other projects to work on soon if they do pull the trigger on the series. However, Netflix, Hulu, and CMT would be perfect homes should ABC let Nashville go.

CBS has only renewed two shows (Big Bang Theory, NCIS) so far, and there is no indication that some popular shows like Elementary and Hawaii Five-O are going to be cancelled. So stay tuned friends to see who bites the bullet, and who lives to see another season.


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