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With every good thing, comes a set of detractors.

This has been the story of Batman vs Superman ever since the release. I saw the premiere on 24th March in India, and after 3 years of anticipation I got to say, it didn’t let me down. Yes, I admit the story goes a bit loose in the middle, and it could have gone on to become an epic, but fell a bit short. But despite that it was a very good movie. Now the detractors... I mean the critics. They have shot down this movie with 29% rotten tomato score calling it "too dark and grim", "pick up graphic novels instead", "too dramatic", "disconnected from dark knight trilogy." But there seems to be a disconnect between them as the fans, who are pretty satisfied with the movie with 75% positive audience score. So as one of the fans who has seen a considerable amount of batman and justice league animated movies and read quite a number of batman comics let me defend this movie and give it it’s due. So, Dark and grim? Seriously? Ofcourse it will be dark and grim, its a DC movie, and moreover it has Batman as one of it's central characters. It IS supposed to be dark and grim. Pick up graphic novels instead? You kidding me? If nothing else, it is a visual treat seeing such iconic characters clash amongst themselves. And am not just talking about Batman and Superman, I also mean Wonderwoman and Doomsday. Now,Too Dramatic? Movies are supposed to have stories, and fictionalised stories, especially, need drama. Would The Dark Knight be such a hit if "Joker" didn’t present one "dramatic" situation after another in front of Batman? And speaking of Dark Knight, the question of disconnect from the Dark Knight trilogy. Do you know about the concept of a multiverse? The Dark Knight trilogy, was Nolan's version of a billionaire turned vigilante in a man's world, and how the real world would perceive it. As legendary as it may be, it was quite away from the comic version of Batman. Moreover, the Nolan's Batman had a beginning in Batman Begins and a closure in The Dark Knight Rises. All said and done. Its not a sequel, its not a Fast & Furious series, it is Zack Snyder's version of what a comic book Batman is 20years down the road. Speaking of which I wanna thank Zack Snyder for bringing dreams into reality through a live-action movie featuring such iconic characters which a decade ago, looked almost impossible. Ben Affleck gave us the best Batman ever (in my opinion, and also with all due respect to Christian Bale.) Henry Cavill stood out as Superman, and Gal Gadot brought Wonderwoman to life on screen. For Jesse Eisenberg, he could have done better. All in all, if I would rate, it would be 8.5/10.

As for the critics...Critics are not Gods. They are humans just like us who have a preconceived notion as to what and how a thing has to be presented. Majority of them are seeing it as a "superhero movie for kids", so it should be happy, superbly heroic, light, and simple to understand. While some may just follow a certain review like a flock of sheep, while some may just be too huge a Marvel fan. They do not care about the Easter eggs which only DC fans can find, or knowledge of a character which only comic book fans possess. Therefore, going by just what some people who carry a notepad and a pen to a movie with a motive to find flaws in them, would be quite unfair for such a movie, because this is a movie made by a comic book fan for the comic book fans. So, go and watch, and enjoy, if you love DC, and comic books, it is a treat for you.


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