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Mega Evolutions were the newest addition to the Pokemon franchise in their sixth generation. The new feature allowed certain Pokemon to channel their full potential to activate an even more powerful form for a short duration.

A clever artist out there has taken inspiration from another monster franchise, Digimon, to create Pokemon Fusions. Similar to DNA Digivolving from Digimon, the Pokemon Fusions use aspects from two Pokemon to create a brand new hybrid beasts. Check these out!

1. Water Fusions

2. Ghostly Fusions

3. Fairy Fusions

4. Dark vs Light Fusions

5. Majestic Fusions

6. Power Fusions

7. Intimidation Fusions

8. Agility Fusions

9. Midnight Fusions

10. Steel vs Poison Fusions

11. Insect Fusions

12. Aerial Fusions

13. Fighter Fusions

14. Light Twins vs Shadow Fusions

15. Heavy Metal vs Spirit Fusions

16. Angelic vs Tough Fusions

17. Android vs Magical Fusions

18. Flame vs Ice Fusions

19. Girl Power Fusions

20. Birds of Flame and Water Fusions

21. Demonic vs Cyborg Fusions

Would you like to see Pokemon Fusions added in the upcoming seventh generation of games Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon?

Which Fusion was your favorite and which Fusions would you love to see?


Which Fusion was your favorite?

You can find many more Fusions by the artist here.


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