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Let me start off to say, people can have opinions, and you should respect them.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is DC's new blockbuster movie that recently came out on March 25, 2016 worldwide. The movie has received mixed reviews from many, but the critics have really slammed the movie, in an unnecessary way. I would like to share my thoughts today about this movie. Remember: SPOILERS!

I would like to first address some minor problems with the movie. One small problem is the transitions, it's very small, but the first 10 or 20 minutes had confusing transitions. But again, it's very small and I really don't care for it.

I want to make it clear that I do not hate the movie, I actually LOVED it. So, the movie was very emotional, and I am not kidding. The relationship Clark and Lois had was improved since Man Of Steel. Clark was so conflicted, knowing the lives he saved in Man Of Steel were too small compared to how many were lost. He considered himself an actual threat, which really messed up his self esteem. He has a conversation with Martha Kent, and it really made me feel for him. She told him that he did nothing to make the world mad at him, he was just doing whats right.

Even Bruce got to get emotional, in a weird Brucey way. He gets the same feelings Americans got when 9/11 happened. He was very mad at the supposed cause of all the deaths. He literally declared war immediately, once he knew Clark would come to him, or so he took it certainly. He even had a small crush on Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman. He really has some things going on for him right now.

Then there's the characters. Lex Luthor's performance was actually pretty good in my opinion. He was funny and silly, and descended into darkness throughout the movie, especially when Bruce saves Martha and Superman tells him "you lost." He really sees himself fail, his character yearns for more knowledge. He does anything he can to get himself more things to "dissect" and learn about. He truly goes from his young and quirky self to the bald, and evil self. He really did play Luthor right.

Ben Affleck's performance was the highlight of the movie. He got Batman FULLY RIGHT. He actually was scary. Around the beginning, when Batman appears, he scares the hell out of the officer, who took multiple shotgun shots and missed all of them while Batman watched him from above like a bat. He got Bruce Wayne right! He literally plays the great boss role and billionaire role perfectly. He converses well with Lex and Clark, and boy does he have a bunch of jokes. He cared for everyone, especially Jerry (if you saw the movie then you know), poor Jerry.

Henry Cavill's performance as Superman was outstanding. He showed some real emotion, he was conflicted and showed it, he didn't just say "IDK if I'm good or nah", you know what I mean. He went through some small talks with the Senator, Martha, and Lois which was actually really good. I thought at least that he really needed someone to cheer him up, while others figured it was stupid and Superman should try and be independent, but you know what? Superman has feelings like those stupid critics, and unlike them, he exposes them, because he is a man, unlike those stupid critics.

Gal Gadot's performance of Wonder Woman was just amazing. She played Diana Prince really well, she stayed mysterious and stayed as a "pretty girl" as Bruce Wayne said. She really won over Bruce, he got a crush on her! She just dismisses him, like a boss. Her entrance as Wonder Woman was amazing, once again surprising Bats again. She just saves him and continues to fight like the badass she his. She even ties up Doomsday in the fight and holds him back. She truly delivered more than expected.

Lois Lane is almost the same, more emotional but really that is what is expected for the movie, but she really had a good job, she actually helped the heroes fight, so thats her pro.

The cameos of the other heroes were awesome. Flash had two, the one in Bruce's dream was amazing, he told Bruce he was right and that he was warning him for the future, which just sparks even more great theories and such. His second was in the drive that Diana looked at, where he stops a robbery in a second which is really cool. Aquaman came up as very badass, coming out of the dark water to be holding his trident, looking at you, then to throw it was just amazing, truly beautiful, like his suit. Cyborg really did well, too. What was special was that it was his origin, not him. Which means he just became Cyborg, which can change up the whole game for the Justice League, being he is a rookie and all emotionally messed up. But the best out of all of them was the Flash's cameo in Batman's dream. The Justice League was simply set up in one movie, now that's amazing.

The Trinity from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
The Trinity from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The story was great, too. The whole side plots and such was interesting. Lois's struggle to get her Clark back. Bruce trying to figure out what the hell is going on everywhere. Diana investigating the other heroes. Lex doing his mischievous actions in a very smart way. It all adds up to a great movie and is greatly executed.

Overall, the movie is amazing. The critics may say otherwise, but hey, we're the fans here, we are the ones who waited 3 years for this movie. They just reviewed it comparing it to a Marvel movie, thats just messed up. DC movies are unique, they can do so much, leaving your its more questions than the ones answered, where Marvel movies go through so many phases just to make a superhero clash. DC just was like, "maybe we should make a Justice League movie! I got it, two movie is all we need!" I congratulate Zack Snyder for his great movie and all the actors who starred in it. Personally, I loved it and am happy to see DC can square off against Marvel, actually they can exceed Marvel. DC has proven themselves as gods among men (Marvel). Believe me, its good and I recommend you to see it.

My Score: 9.5/10. Great movie. Don't Judge. It had great characters and story but a killing batman, which is ok but still bothered me and a weird transition cycle messed it up a bit for me. But everything else of the movie was amazing!

What are your thoughts on the movie? Comment down below!


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