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What A Girl Wants premiered when I was a toddler. It was one of those "Cinderella" stories I was always keen to watch. I never forgot about it - only its title. Apparently googling "Amanda Bynes eating cereal movie" won't show you what you're looking for.

Now, imagine my surprise when I finally found it - and remembered that Colin Firth is also in it, and that the movie's basically going to be a teenager this year!

The cast has come a long way since April 4, 2003. Check out what they look like now:

Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Bynes)

Memorable Quotes:

Every birthday I would get all dressed up and I would wish that, if I was good enough you would come and find me.
I miss being me. I finally realized that is enough.

After this movie, Bynes went on to star in other fan favorites such as She's The Man, Sydney White, and Hairspray. Her last film appearance was in 2010's Easy A.

Then she seemingly fell off the acting radar, got in trouble with the law, and retired from acting. Not all hope was lost though. She got the help that she needed and Bynes is back on the right track - plus she's now back in fashion school!

Libby Reynolds (Kelly Preston)

Memorable Quotes:

Libby: I love you a million Swedish Fish.

Daphne: I love you a million red M&M's.


Take your hand off my daughter or you won't get a scene, you'll get a Broadway Musical!


Daph, getting to know someone because they share the same DNA with you isn't the answer. It's about getting to know yourself.

Preston starred in countless other films, however most notable are her roles in Sky High and The Last Song. She's also starring as Victoria Gotti in GOTTI: In The Shadow Of My Father (pre-production).

Ian Wallace (Oliver James)

Memorable Quote:

Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out?

Oliver James starred in 2004's Raise Your Voice, and had roles in the movies Roadkill (2011) and most recently, in the TV movie Black Forest (2012).

Clarissa Payne (Christina Cole)

Memorable Quotes:

Oh, very you, lovely. So Henry asked us to give you a few pointers, didn't he? Well, pointer number 1: go home. Mother and I belong here and it's quite clear you just don't fit in. And pointer number 2: while you're packing, keep your grimy little Yankee paws off Armistead Stuart, he's mine.
You'd think they'd choose debs who actually had ankles. Those look like baked hams.

Cole starred in numerous TV series and has a recurring role in Suits. Her recent film credits are in Mutual Friends (2014) and Jupiter Ascending (2015).

Glynnis Payne (Anna Chancellor)

Memorable Quotes:

Darling, darling, all I'm saying is before we let this hypothetical daughter blow your political career out of the water, we might at least consider doing some checking up on her.
I know my daddy was naughty, but what about me?

Aside from being a successful theatrical actress, Chancellor starred in a lot of TV films and series over the years. Most notable was her role in the BBC series The Hour. She's also starring in Shetland as Phyllis Brennan. Chancellor's recent film credits include Testament of Youth (2014), The Carer, This Beautiful Fantastic (post-production), and Love of My Life.

Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth)

Memorable Quotes:

Glynnis, she has a birth certificate, she has my photograph and she has my eyes.
... I wouldn't change you, anything about you. I wouldn't change one hair on your head. Not for anything.

Perhaps the most prestigious on this list, Firth has been everywhere since the '90s. My favorite movies of him to date are The King's Speech (2010) for which he won an Oscar, A Single Man (2009), and Kingsman (2015). This year, he will reprise his role as Mark Darcy in the third Bridget Jones movie - Bridget Jones' Baby.

It now seems that 2003 was a long time ago. Time to re-watch this movie and feel young again! The real question though:


Which cast member has changed the most?


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