ByEmilio Raia, writer at
Emilio Raia

With Supergirl being renewed for a season 2 this has us wondering what characters we can expect, so I decided to put a list of characters I would like to see in season 2.

5. Superboy

The Lex Luthor/Superman hybrid would be an awesome dynamic to the show , although if we ever did see him he probably would be a Supergirl/Maxwell Lord hybrid. And seeing that we just got project Cadmus I wouldn't rule this idea out.

4. Miss Martian

You probably know the white Martian from Young Justice. She would make a great addition to the show consider her and Kara have a lot in common giving her someone to relate to.

3. Power Girl

If you are unfamiliar with Power Girl she is Supergirl from a alternate universe and considering we are seeing The Flash travel to Supergirls earth I wouldn't completely knock this idea out.

2. Zatanna

Zatanna would make a great addition to the show seeing as Supergirl is weak against magic they could have some conflict at the start or may even be allies who knows!

1. Krypto

i just thought this would be a fun addition , but I do not think this will happen anytime soon.


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