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The Grand Ballroom at Salt Lake Comic Con's Fanx was filled to capacity as the crowd waited for Jeremy Renner to arrive. With a smile and a wave he came on stage and had a presence about him that just drew you in. Asking every person who asked him a question their name and saying hi to them, Jeremy made you feel like you were the only person in the room to him if you spoke to him. His panel was a popular one, and he didn't disappoint.

Team Captain America or Team Ironman

Team Hawkeye always.

If he could play any Avenger who would it be?

What's going on with his character in Civil War

He's not in it much, he's pretty much a cameo. He knows about as much as the fans.

Which Avenger would he have help him in a life or death situation

Why does it have to be life or death? But... Vision

Favorite superhero

He wasn't into comic books growing up, but he did watch Spider-Man

Saddest part about Quicksilver dying

For him it wasn't sad at all. There were a few takes where he was still alive and Jeremy would place his hand over Quicksilver's mouth like "Shh... it'll all be over soon."

How much archery training did he have

Most of his shots really didn't have anything to do with it, as the arrows were added in post. But he got pretty good at the bow and arrow.

How likely is he to be in another Bourne movie

He isn't sure, but would love to do another one.

How is Hawkeye and Black Widow's friendship affected by Civil War

It's a problem, but they are friends, it will get addressed. Black Widow and Hawkeye did have to fight.

Will he just do Marvel until he dies

I'm sure they'll kill me off eventually, but I do other things. Have you seen "The Town"?

Weirdest fan experiences

The selfies at the urinal..... Or if I try to go in a stall and I see a phone slide under the door. Like come on, it can't wait?

Most challenging thing about The Hurt Locker

The 130 degree weather, it was terrible.

What is the most difficult shot when working on The Avengers

When he actually has to shoot an arrow. He tries hard not to hit anyone

How he feels about Black Widow and The Hulk

That's weird right?

What he has most in common with Hawkeye

He has a bit of the same personality as Hawkeye

Is he working on any music

Currently working on an album... perhaps it will have the "Hawkeye Song" on it?

Jeremy Renner was a pleasure to see speak, and a hilarious guy. It was so nice to meet him.


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