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Peter Facinelli was one of the stars I was most excited to see at Salt Lake Comic Con's Fanx this weekend, and honestly he didn't disappoint. He came on the stage with a smile and charisma that really radiated, and was really personable, answering questions from some very happy diehard fans.

1. What the Twilight cast had to do during down time might surprise you

When they were filming the first movie, not everyone knew who they were so they were still able to go out. Rob would even do open mic nights. After the first film, however, if they went out they were swarmed. They ended up staying in the hotel room and playing the Twilight board game. Ashley Greene (Alice) won, and he thinks he would have done better but he didn't know the high school stuff.

2. His favorite superhero

His daughters are his superheroes. He does love Spider-Man though, and grew up having his comics delivered to him as a kid.

3. Is Maxwell Lord evil

Maxwell is afraid of Supergirl and her powers, and thinks that she only brings out more dangerous people. He works with her when he has to when he knows it's for the greater good.

4. Shooting in the case is difficult

The sound quality is weird so he has to go back and ADR his lines.

5. His favorite actor to work with on Twilight

That would be like picking his favorite child. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were great, but he loved scenes where it was the whole family because it was like one big party.

6. His favorite and most memorable scene are one and the same

His choice was the baseball scene because of the rain. He also loved teaching Rob how to play, as he was really bad at it and didn't know how.

7. He kept a journal about Carlisle while he was shooting

Because he likes to imagine the lives of his characters beyond the page, he kept an extensive journal. One of the stories he came up with is the reason he points his bat out to centerfield. In his version of events, he saw Babe Ruth do it at the infamous game and was friends with him. Carlisle loves the game of baseball because when he came to America it was their past-time and he was trying to simulate the Americans.

7. Thing he hated most about Twilight

He HATED the wigs. In the first film he had bleached his hair, but as he was filming Nurse Jackie at the same time after that, he had to wear a wig. In his opinion they got progressively worse each film. The worst was Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2. They shot in two different locations and had a different wig person in each spot so in the interiors his hair was flat and pushed over which he GREATLY disliked and made a point to tell the other girl to push his hair up. So if he is inside he has his hair down and if he is outside it's up.

8. How he felt about his death in Breaking Dawn Part 2

He thought it was interesting but was disappointed because everyone else had these great action scenes to work on the next few days and he had nothing to do.

9. The superpower he thinks the world should have

Love, everyone needs more love.

Peter was just as charming as Carlisle, and a pleasure to speak with. Definitely a man to meet.

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