ByJovi Kamdani, writer at

The Good

  • Choreography and visuals were pretty sweet.
  • Batfleck is awesome. Definitely the darkest Batman we've seen.
  • Great score by Hans Zimmer (Inception) & Junkie XL (Mad Max Fury Road), especially Wonder Woman's theme.
  • Wonder Woman is a scene stealer.

The Bad

  • CRAMMED AF. Too much for a 2.5 hour movie that didn't need to be 2.5 hours.
  • Eisenberg is no Lex. Joker/Riddler maybe, but not Lex.
  • Doomsday.
  • Pacing and editing was way off.
  • Lois Lane's arch was uninteresting.
  • Superman relegated to a plot device rather than a title character.

The Verdict: Stream This.


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