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Last night I saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie has been getting mixed reviews, some of which are outright negative. So let's talk about what worked and what didn't. Before getting into it I'd like to mention that I am a fan, but not a fanboy. I do not need nor expect my comic book adaptations to be perfect.

It Begins

So let's start by discussing where the story picks up. We catch up with Clark Kent 18 months after the Battle of Metropolis, a.k.a. Alien Slugfest 2013. He's happily living with Lois Lane and working at the Daily Planet. This is in between saving people from fires,explosions, and other Superman stuff.

His grudge match with Zod divided the people of Earth into two camps; those who hate Superman and believe he's a false god, and those that admire Superman and believe that he's trying to do good.

The opening sequence of this movie is heart stopping. I white knuckled through the whole scene, made even more amazing in IMAX. This scene is also our first introduction to our new Bruce Wayne.

Watching Bruce race through Metropolis while the Battle of Metropolis rages above, was incredible. This fight was great in Man of Steel and seeing it from the street was a really cool way to give the audience perspective on the sheer amount of destruction caused by Zod and Superman. It shows the massive human toll.

This sequence is not only cool but also terrifying. The scene is an example of what pure anarchy looks like.

So let's move onto some of the new faces in town

Let's start with Wonder Woman.

Unfortunately there just isn't too much to say about Wonder Woman, considering she isn't really given much to do, and doesn't suit up until the very end. But from what I saw Wonder Woman is going to be a pretty badass addition to the DCU. Her introduction towards the end of the film was met with a full house of claps and cheers, and she proved a powerful ally.

The Belle of the Ball

Let's face it this is the guy everybody wants to hear about, Batman. I for one was ready for somebody new to don the cape and cowl. I'm not the type to fawn over the Nolan films. After the shit show that was The Dark Knight Rises, it was time for a palate cleanser. So how was Batman? He was the best part of the movie. He was faster than any Batman to date, and definitely scarier. This Batman is brutal and when he hits somebody it sounds and looks painful.

His suit is classic and easily my favorite batsuit to date. I'm still not a fan of the short horns though but other than that it looked totally functional. The Bruce Wayne aspects worked and the Batman aspect worked. This is a solid Batman.

No No No

So let's talk about this sniveling little shit weasel. What can I say, Lex Luthor was a horribly miscast mess. He's twitchy and socially awkward. This was not the Lex I wanted and he was easily the weakest link in the film. This Lex is lightyears away from the powerful business magnate from the comics, and previous films. See for yourself and you'll get it.

Overall the plot worked for me despite lagging in a few spots. It was ...fine. Here are some weak spots:

  • They gave Lois Lane a shitty arc, which more or less involved getting a weapon, disposing of said weapon, and getting the weapon back.
  • Doomsday was shoehorned in at the end to give the trinity somebody to fight together. He still looks like a cave troll and didn't really need to be there.
  • I'm still not sold on Ezra Miller's Flash, he pops up twice in the film and each time all I wanted to see was Grant Gustin, I hope he surprises me but for now I'm sticking with the television Flash.
  • Aquaman's cameo was just weird he kind of just awkwardly floated around

Yes Yes Yes

The fight between Batman and Superman was awesome. It was a throw down I can't wait to see a second time.

If you didn't like Man of Steel than this isn't going to sway you, but the overall sentiment at the end of the film was "That was nowhere near as bad as critics said it was." I enjoyed the movie. It was part political thriller and part action flick. Could it have been better? Definitely. Could it have been worse? Absolutely. It could have been WAY worse, and I hope in the future Zack Snyder focuses a little more on story and character development, and less on flashy sequences.

For the most part I enjoyed Batman v Superman, and think it's a solid base on which to build the DC universe going forward. Believe it or not, I enjoyed it more than Age of Ultron. I know.

So go see it. Decide for yourself. Don't listen to the critics (except me) and remember that no matter what, you still get to see Batman and Superman clobber each other.

As far as the tone goes, it is dark and it is serious, but Perry White had some lines that cracked me up "Apples don't cost a nickel" and "Coach, no extra leg room!!!!" So go check it out and have a good time and I'll catch up with you guys later.


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