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Why Critics hate BvS?

In the universe where hero's can crack endless jokes throughout the movie we need the more realistic DC universe just like Batman v Superman to be setup..

Being a hero is not like drinking water, no, its not that easy to be hero, its very hard to be a normal citizen and protecting the world at the same time.

Now Critics and general audiance were pissed off of Man of Steel and BvS. DC fans and audiance loved BvS, Hell even i loved it more than Man of Seel.. If you understand the movie it will do you justice.

DC knew this was coming, Zack knew, i knew. People are adapted to bubblegum movies over the past few years. They want fun movies with jokes every minute and just explosion here and there and expect no destruction's or hero stay harmless. They dont care about deep story or character development.

It took Marvel over 10+ movies to develop their characters and build a cinematic universe and it took DC just 2 movies to build the universe. That pissed off most of them. Everyone know these DC characters more than Marvels (even though most of them are ripoff from Dc's).

Marvel movies are fun, entertaining and popcorn style. (no deep plot or story)

Dc movie are more Dramatic, Dark, Mythical, entertaining (not fun according to critics)

Now its not a bad thing for DC movies not to be fun. Its little fun, but its more entertaining. We get a different vibe in DC movies, not like Oh look its just another fun marvel movie. We will get tired at some point of those fun movies. That is why Znyderverse is pivitol. Critics hate DC movies just because of Znyder, Zynder is the best at what he does. His vision of DC characters is Mythical, Mysterious, and there are like "Gods among Men" and that's the Batman. His take on batman is very necessary. Batman (Brutal, dark, Brilliant, not trusting) is the Batman we need.

Why critics hate Bvs i say is they don't like superhero genre. They think its crime against non-superhero movies.

They dont read comics, they dont get what we fans get, Easter eggs, references, comic book adaptations and concepts. They try their best to bring down comic genre.

I was reading some reviews and ratings like they didnt even watch it..

I say we as fans dont give a fuck about ur scores or reviews (RT,IGN). We enjoy what it is. In this case Marvel fans and dc fans are fighting the same battle. I was surprised with reviews from Jermy, Madman, Chris, John, Mark who are big comic book fans and say they didn't understand the movie. What? Really guys? common.. Its not that.. Its called Doppler effect.

Thank the critics for that.. They turned a good comic book movie into a boring not fun movie. Then soon everyone followed them.. I say if audience saw the movie before seeing he reviews they would have loved even more i say.. "People just follow negative - Jaeroar". he saw this coming. the scam & everything.

Here is my review:

I give it 8/10 score. (1st half (7/10) 2nd half (10/10))

Firstly Negatives(Im not one of those Doppler Guy)

> Jessy as Lex (No, no way. I still want the lex from comics or even closer adaption to that character). Heck he is level 12 intellect close to braniac..

> Editing (Too much cut scenes, It worked at some points, not enough)

> Justice league intro (I mean seriously? i could have wrote that script) Why open through email as Madman said..

> That ending. Ill explain

Secondly Positives

> The Batman (Because Im Batman (kevins voice)) Why this version worked? because he has seen what this world is.. He had enough of everything. Yes he does kill but not directly. If you have seen Batman begins you probably remember this, at that ending batman does not save Ras al gul. I quote "I dont have to kill u, but i dont have to save you" Hell he did kill 2 face in dark night. Did he? no he tried to save kid, 2 face fell from building. that's it. He didn't want to kill him.

> Sups (he came lil close to comics sups, The moment he didnt want to fight batman, i am wow, hats off man. That what he is. he represent hope. He dont want to fight. he want sto help)

> Doomsday ( Fuck u all, i like him. He origin may be different but he will be the doomsday one day or in the JL) He was the only villain that kills the god well other than a rock or Darkseid) I was waiting for long time after Joker and bane for a good villain. That can truly go one on one with the hero (Not Marvel's puny gods)

> Wonder woman (Oh yes, i was like WTF when they into mystical and mysterious. and when she saved bats wow. that's an intro. Her fight was awesome. And don't forget he gets to use lasso)

> Zynders beautiful shots. ( A lot of them. What it in movies guys, the beginning was beautiful)

> The Score. Hats off to Hans and Junkie. Love those too.

The best moment was "Demonic Batman" intro, Explosion in courthouse(When batman decides sups must be bought down), Jermy saying "Everything's changed". Bat-mobile chase, Nightmare scene(an important one, it will connect to JL in future) Superman and batman fights, batman rescuing martha, doomsday fight.. Batman's quote "Men are still good") oh man

Thoughts/could have been:

Instead of WW opening email, Batman could have seen it it in lex corp computer when he beaks in. (I think we might in Ultimate cut) Or they could have shown them in nightmare scene them fighting against darkseid army and flash interrupts with message. batman's epic moment with lex

Doomsday fight could have gone lil longer, doomsday should have fought sups more.

Batman is not the one who unites JL originally. It was sups once and matian man huntet another time. Batman was a par timer remember. ya he said it himself once.

Going forwards is SS, WW and JL. I know all will be epic. I am more looking forward to WW, how it will be an pivitol to JL and DC universe. any villain would do. Vandal savage, Braniac, Joker & lex, darkseid. or the government them self (Amanda waller) I need a solid storyline, great visuals, and crazy fights. Jokes? what? that a tough question. Barry come to save us or the the critics. They dont need saving i guess.

Well that's i guys, this was one Epic movie i'd say. i enjoyed it. Looking forward for more. let ur thoughts on comment. Follow me on Twitter @mr_kamzy.


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