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*There are no Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice spoilers in this article, so no worries, you can read on and enjoy before or after you see the movie!*

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally out, and it's awesome! I loved it, and I thought it was really good. But one of the things that made it so good, was Batman. Many people didn't like this new interpretation of the character, but I thought Ben Affleck nailed the role, as I always did (I'm not lying, I thought he'd be great from the moment I heard he was cast). But I think this new version of Batman has so much more potential that just wasn't explored in Batman v Superman, and that isn't a bad thing, it's just that they didn't have time for it. But that "potential" will be used in his upcoming movie (which doesn't have an official title or release date/year yet, but it is in fact being made), but along with that "potential," must come a story. And the story they choose to base it on (and they might not, that'd be okay), will showcase Batman's "potential." So, without me blabbering on even more, here are my top five storylines for the 'Batman' movie to be based on! (And keep in mind, none of these are in any particular order.)


'Batman: Hush' is about Tommy Elliot, Hush, who has the intent to sabotage Batman, and Batman must fight many members of his rogues gallery to find out more about this new villain. I actually haven't read this comic (although I have it, and I will soon). But from what I know about Hush and this comic, everything about him is great! Hush is now one of my favorite Batman villains, and I think a movie with him would just be awesome! But, Superman is actually in this comic, but if the movie is about this, I would just cut him out completely, because it wouldn't make too much sense for Superman to be in this movie. I do hope we get a new trilogy of Batman movies, and honestly I think the second should be based on this, because the first should be based on this great story . . .

Under the Hood

I haven't read this comic either (okay, the cat's out of the bag, I haven't read any of these comics, but I do know a lot about them, plus I'll read them eventually!), but I know about it, and I love it. Many people didn't like the Jason Todd Robin, but everyone (not everyone, really, but a lot) loved Red Hood. Jason Todd was resurrected from the dead, and came back with a lust for revenge on Batman for letting him die and abandoning him. Honestly, this is the story I want Batman to be based on, because it seems like DC could already be setting up this storyline with Batman v Superman, and that's just great!

Court of Owls

I also have this comic, but haven't read it yet, but I still know a lot about it. The Court of Owls are also one of my favorite Batman villains, because they are just so unique. The Court have been around for centuries, and are formed by many of Gotham City's rich and famous, and they find and take people from the circus (with ties to Dick Grayson and Haly's Circus), and in the present they keep a very close eye on Batman. The Court of Owls are just a very different and unique group, and have so much potential for live action (I would love them for Arrow season 5, but that's unlikely). In a new trilogy of Batman films, I would want the first movie to be based upon Under the Hood, the second about Hush, and the third Court of Owls. Now that, is my perfect Batman movie trilogy (no offense to the Christopher Nolan films, I love those).

The Killing Joke

This comic shows a version of the Joker's origin, and arguably the best one. From then on it is more Joker shenanigans, but they still just show how awesome the Joker really is. With Ben Affleck's amazing performance as the Dark Knight, and Jared Leto's promising portrayal as Mr J., this movie would sure prove to be a fun ride!

Death of the Family

Death of the Family sees the Joker making his return after a surprisingly long disappearance, with the intention to destroy all the people Batman has come to care about or rely upon. I hear it's really good, and I really want to read it. It would be perfect for a movie, although it would have to include many characters we have yet to see in the DCEU, which is the only problem. This movie would have to show and introduce so many characters that it wouldn't have any time to explore the plot and the Joker (many people actually believe this to be the exact problem with Batman v Superman, but I disagree).

Well, there you have it. I had a lot of fun writing this article, and this is one of those times where doing the research is actually very fun. All in all, Batman v Superman is great, and Ben Affleck's Batman is great, so now I am very excited about what the Batman movie has to offer.

But what do you think? What story do you want Batman to be based on? Or, do you want it to be a completely original story? Please, let me know!


What do you want 'Batman' to be based on?


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