ByJoshua Salvador, writer at

I've got to admit I didn't like the fact that Jesse Eisenberg was playing as Lex Luthor. Eisenberg was really not the type of guy who would play as some guy who would want to destroy Superman even if it means killing lots of innocent people. I never really saw Lex Luthor as a big threat to Superman, after all he is just a man. I always looked at him as a billionaire gentleman who would want to get rid of Superman without killing innocents.

But I have to admit myself that Eisenberg really brought out the evil and psychotic character in Lex and I loved it. I remember the scene where Superman was about to say something to the senate and perhaps the world even, and then BOOM! Lex killed all those innocent people. He even framed Superman in the middle of the desert by hiring men to kill lots of innocent people.

The fact that he kidnapped Superman's mom, told his men not to tell him where they kept his mom was smart. He really forced Superman and Batman to face off against each other, it was because of him that the "Greatest Gladiator Fight in History" can be a reality.

Overall I would say that Jesse Eisenberg did well in playing as Lex Luthor, I have to admit he really is a really good actor, being able to mold himself to a different person, from being a wimp in Zombieland to being a master magician in Now You See Me, to being a psychotic, evil, and brilliant type of villain. I have to admit his acting really made me say that Lex Luthor is one of the most dangerous villains I know.


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