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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for both 'The Walking Dead' TV show and comics.


All this past week everyone was talking about a finale cliffhanger — but what about this episode's?

For a quick recap, "East" dealt with pretty much the two — later three — groups of survivors that left Alexandria the morning after Denise's death. Rick and Morgan went for Carol after she kick-started her survivor mode once again, and Daryl went to seek revenge against Dwight, leading Glenn, Michonne and Rosita to follow him. Things spiraled once the latter group broke apart, with Rosita and Daryl looking for Dwight and Glenn and Michonne being caught by him.

Overall, "East" was a mild episode of The Walking Dead with excellent parts, but not excellent as a whole. By my count, this was the second episode not to be action packed through and through, with "The Next World" being the first this 6B season. There were, however, some really interesting moments we can draw many a conclusion about, so here are some of them.

1. Maggie's Haircut

So back when Lauren Cohan first appeared with her hair way shorter, Maggie's fans went wild with theories that she'd be off the show, or that she'd get killed in the finale, yada yada yada. Well, here you go, folks. It wasn't Cohan's new hairstyle, it's Maggie's. In her own words:

"I have to keep going. And I don't want anything to get in the way."

2. Morgan And The Horse

Since the "A Larger World" poster came out, we've been wondering where Morgan got that horse from and where he was going. And on "East," although we did not get to see him actually on the horse, we got a clue as to where he might have found it. When he and Rick were looking for Carol and they find that strange guy killing walkers in a farm of some sort, the stranger mentions he was just looking for his horse. Ta-da! Morgan's got a horse (or will have one when he finds this guy's horse on the next episode).

3. Thy Kingdom Come

Speaking of said stranger (read it with Eugene's voice), what a nice way to introduce the TV show's viewers to yet a new community. Well, not introduce per se, but to hint at it (Easter Egg, anyone?!). For comic book readers, everything about that guy screamed Kingdom — the armor, him looking for his horse — and the Kingdom is where we'll find our next best friend Ezekiel. Sadly though, I doubt we'll get to see any of that 'til we're a couple of episodes in on Season 7, but it's still worth the mention.

Especially if you consider the finale and what's about to happen to our survivors — you'll be devastated and, trust me, you'll need some new friends if you're going after Negan.

4. The Savior Who Got Away

That was odd for me — to see Carol go into refusal mode and then unleash at those Saviors, but not end them all for good. I'm not exactly thrilled about where they're taking her these past few episodes — she's getting careless, for one thing. She left not one, but two Saviors — that we saw — alive, and one even turned. Terminus Carol wouldn't have left one stone unturned! But my hope still lives on, since she dropped the rosary when she went for the gun on top of the car.

On the other hand, we now know who that man lying in front of the other group of Saviors is in the Fox leaked promo — these guys are like a virus. By the looks of the promo and how the Saviors roll his body, that guy is pretty much dead. So this means he took Carol's rosary, walked after Rick and Morgan and died some time after that. Though I wonder if another survivor won't come and finish him off, since he's only been shot on the shoulder and I'm pretty sure it takes a while longer to die from that — even on this show.

5. Lucille Marketing Material

When I saw the promo for "East" and it showed a moment with Carl holding up a gun, I thought that gun was the one Ron had used to shoot his eye out and that now Carl would use it himself. But, no — when this moment comes in the episode, it's even better! The show's new leading lady Lucille is carved right there on the handle of that gun, barbed wire and all! Somehow that Savior's gun ended up inside Alexandria — the Wolves didn't bring it, Morgan didn't bring it — and so one of our survivors must have gotten it from the compound they attacked in Episode 12. First Glenn saw the photos on the wall of bashed-in heads and now a gun with a bat carved on it? Um, not that the show still needs to foreshadow Negan/Lucille at this point, but it was nicely done.

Extra: Saviors

These guys are kings! I mean, Rick and the gang have killed close to 40 Saviors so far — some people say even more — and there's still a whole bunch of them around. And when I say around, I really mean around Alexandria.

In the car, Morgan says the compound Rick attacked in "Not Tomorrow Yet" is west of Alexandria and that Carol goes east. But she still runs into a Saviors group on the road and Hero actually mentions Alexandria is "12,75 clicks down" that road. They've also gathered quite the abundance of information on the Safe Zone as they are able to recognize the car Carol's driving as being from the community. It seems they're all but waiting on their big boss's orders to attack Alexandria, something that had already happened at this point in the comics.

On that cliffhanger I mentioned before, I'm pretty sure we'll get to see Daryl in the finale. Dwight did say, "He'll be alright," after the screen faded to black, so I'm guessing that shot and all that blood didn't kill Daryl as much as it hit him somewhere less critical than, say, his head. Hey, here's a thought: Maybe the fact Daryl has already been shot takes him out of the Lucille lineup in the finale — have a little faith, people!

'The Walking Dead' Season 6 finale, 'Last Day On Earth,' airs next Sunday, April 3, on AMC.

Do you think Daryl is still alive?


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