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Now that Batman Vs. Superman is out and in full swing, has made a very brief appearance and is ready for the big screen. And does look badass! But alas, the badass has always been kind of lacking for poor Aquaman. Even a recurring role on Smallville didn't really help his street cred much.

Aquaman is in that scene? Hm...didn't even notice.
Aquaman is in that scene? Hm...didn't even notice.

With : Part One coming, we'll finally get to see the real Aquaman in action. How could you not get excited about this, after watching this trailer?

You ever wonder why Aquaman has gotten such a bad rap over the years? It could have something to do with an overabundance of WTF moments such as these...

1. Aquaman's Fellow Heroes And Their Icky Names

Was there a point in history that this word couldn't be taken the wrong way? What was baby juice called in the good old days?

...Never mind, I don't want to know.

2. This Entire Aquaman Story Is One Big Facepalm

Apparently, Aqualad was supersmart, so wanted him to go to school. The day before his placement test, Aqualad hurt his head and forgot all the answers to the test, so Aquaman gave him a little help.

cue the head injuray (heh)
cue the head injuray (heh)

3. Forget Aquaman, Meet Aqua-Melvin, The Clown Prince Of The Sea

This is really something. At some point, Aquaman discovers his powers can be passed on through a blood transfusion, so of course, Melvin needs saving and Aquaman does just that with his blood. What do you get when you give a prank-loving clown Aquaman's powers? Hilarious perilous action! Oyvay.

4. Aquaman To Fish: Bad fish!

He's a cephalopod mollusc, but whatever. Aquaman is really mad at his octopus!

5. Aquaman Has Oceans Of Love For Those Boys

Hell, I'd run, too.

Despite 's horrific WTF moments from his comic book history, how excited are you to finally see !

Read on for more super-powered WTF moments in DC comics history:


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